Town government in New Hampshire consists of a governing body (Select Board) and legislative body (Town Meeting)

Selectmen are elected at the March Town Meeting to a three-year term on an annual rotating schedule.

The Select Board operates under a set of Guidelines

What does the Select Board Do?

  1. "The selectmen shall manage the prudential affairs of the town and perform the duties by law prescribed." RSA 41:8
  2. Calls the town voters to annual or special meetings by drafting and posting the document called the "warrant"
  3. Other specific statutory duties
    1. Regulation of town highways and commons
    2. Layout of highways
    3. Excavations
    4. Licensing
    5. Health regulations
    6. Setting fees
    7. Establish and amend local welfare guidelines
    8. Manage and regulate use of town property
    9. Financial accounting and safeguarding
    10. Cemetery truestees
    11. Election duties
    12. Adoption and amendment of town codes and ordinances in larger towns greater than 10,000
    13. Taxation
    14. Perambulation
  4. Appointing other officials

Important Select Board principles:

  1. The board acts collectively
  2. One governing body member has now authority

Links to more information:

NH Municipal Association, NH Department of Revenue Municipal and Property Division

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Jonathan Coyne (603) 525-4441 Ext. 101

Selectboard Members

Name Title
Laurie Bryan Selectboard Chair (2024)
Kurt Grassett Selectboard Member (2022)
Jeff Brown Selectboard Member (2023)