Road Committee


In an ever-changing, fast paced world, our vision is to preserve the character that our back roads provide, not only as a way of life, but also as cultural icons that have disappeared in many rural parts of our state.


To preserve and protect the rural character of Hancock's roads for today and all generations to follow.  Maintenance of the roads should focus on the history, wildlife, vegetation of Hancock that brings enjoyment to drivers, walkers, bicycles and horses.  The committee will identify features and qualities that contribute to the rural character of Hancock's roads, gather input from residents throughout town, assess traffic volume and recreational uses of the roads and recommend guidelines for maintenance that balances the preservation of rural character with effective road maintenance.

Board Members

Name Title
Eleanor Briggs Member
Sarah Garland-Hoch Member
Mollie Miller Member
Alison Rossiter Member
William Ruoff Member
Henry Sanders Alternate Member