Historic District Commission

Welcome to the Hancock Historic District!

Hancock is a special place to live for many reasons. One of those reasons is that the village is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Town of Hancock takes great pride in maintaining this special recognition.

The District was formed by the Town of Hancock in 1975. The Hancock Historic District Commission (HHDC) oversees the District. The commission reviews any changes to the exterior of your building(s), structures or features on your property such as stone walls or fences. Members of the HHDC are appointed by the Selectmen.

Regulations for the Hancock Historic District can be found in The Hancock Historic District Ordinance which is part (Article 8) of the Hancock Zoning Ordinance. A copy of the full zoning ordinance can be found on the town web site or obtained at the Town Office. For your convenience the Hancock Historic District portion of the web site includes a PDF copy of "Article 8 - Historic District" and a copy of the "Hancock Historic District Map" that shows the extent of the district. Also you can find a copy of the "Application for Certificate of Approval" necessary to obtain approval from the HHDC prior to beginning any changes to your property which are covered by the Ordinance.

The HHDC meets the fourth Tuesday of the month when we have applications to review or other business to conduct. You are welcome to attend any of our meetings and we would be glad to informally discuss a project you are considering informally before making an application.

When you submit an application please be specific when describing your proposed change(s). Include photographs of the areas of the property that will be affected and other materials as noted on the application. The time you take to completely describe your specific request will allow us to understand your request more fully and expedite your application. You may wish to consider consulting with a building professional experienced in historic buildings for larger scale projects such as additions.

There are several web sites that provide both general and specific recommendation for historic features such as windows, roofs and siding. These include:

If we can be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.


Hancock Historic District Commission


Name Title
Nancy Macalaster Commissioner, Chair (2023)
Marcia Coffin Commissioner (2023)
Laurie Bryan Selectboard Liaison
Jody Simpson Alternate Commissioner (2022)
Liz Cohen Alternate Commissioner (2022)
Sarah Bauhan Commisioner (2023)