Cemetery Trustees

Cemetery Trustees are elected at the March Town Meeting to a three-year term on an annual rotating schedule.


Funding for our cemeteries comes from a variety of sources. Some of the older lots are funded through perpetual care trust funds, others are funded through an expendable trust, and the balance are funded through fees charged for services. Since 2002 the cemeteries have been operated with no tax dollars.

Interment Information

Lot sales and interments can be scheduled through the Cemetery Sexton. A full copy of rules and regulations can be viewed and downloaded here, or contact:  Tyler Howe, (603) 525-4087

Care and Maintenance

The Town of Hancock Cemetery Trustees oversees the care and maintenance of three public cemeteries within the Town of Hancock. The Cemetery Custodian is responsible for the day-to-day care and maintenance, and works under the direction of the Cemetery Trustees.

To prevent damage to gravestones, cleaning of gravestones with chemicals or brushes of any kind is prohibited.  Gravestone rubbings may only be done after registering with and receiving instruction from the town clerk.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Tyler Howe Cemetery Sexton (603) 525-4087, or (603) 525-4441 Ext. 201


Name Title
Margarita Klug Chair (2023)
Allison Kerwin Trustee (2024)
Shelly Merrifield Trustee (2025)