About the Town Archives

Hancock Archives Are for You What’s in the Archives?
  • They’re public documents
  • One of many resources for research (others: census, genealogies, town histories, oral records, letters)
  • Genealogical research
  • History of your house/land
  • Projects: Civil War, Hancock people, farming, communities, land use
  • Tax Records dating back to 1790s
  • Births, Deaths, Marriages (Vital Records)
  • Mortgages
  • Town Records from 1779
  • A Few Maps
  • Inventories
  • Cemetery Records
  • Annual Reports
  • Microfilm of old records (Mormons, 1970s)
Hancock archives are on Fold3 To find Hancock Archives on Fold3

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  • Searchable by Name
  • Free access to all 24/7!
  • Vital records (births, deaths, marriages)
  • Church records
  • Town meeting minutes
  • Tax records
  • More

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