Planning Board

The Planning Board invites potential applicants and others to make inquiries through the Planning Board Recording Secretary Linda Coughlan (see Key Contacts at left for email). She can provide preliminary guidance to applicants and others, and can furnish relevant forms for major and minor subdivisions, boundary line adjustments, voluntary mergers and other matters which should come before the Planning Board.

For official notices of upcoming hearings or cancellations, please see the Planning Board Calendar at right, or visit the Official Town Notices on the home page.

Planning Board Members

Name Title
Stephen Froling Chair (2019)
Richard LeFebvre Secretary (2021)
Ellena Weston-Zimmermann Member (2019)
Carolyn Boland Vice Chair (2019)
Joseph Cummings Member (2021)
Nathaniel Peirce Alternate Member (2021)
David Drasba Alternate Member (2020)
Linda Coughlan Recording Secretary
Erik Spitzbarth For the Selectboard
Thomas Bates Vice-Chair (2020)
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