Notice of HHDC Decision

The Hancock Historic District Commission made the following decisions at a public hearing on Tuesday, November 28th concerning an application by Sarah Laeng- Gilliatt:

Approved the request to replace a window on the north face of the barn with a Dutch door to allow goats access to the outside using materials as presented. Basis of decision focused on: 8.5.2, 8.5.27, 8.8 and 8.8.2.Also under the Rehabilitation Section of the Standards for Preservation and Guideline for Preserving Historic Buildings under Section 9.

Applicant stated she would like to remove the request to add a third window to the east side of the barn at this time.

Denied permission to erect a cattle panel next to the screened porch for a goat paddock. Decision based on 8.5.2 Historic Commission Review; Erection, alteration, or removal of any exterior or visible feature of a building or structure; 8.8.2 Compatibility; 8.8.5 Other Factors

Denied permission to add a compost area near the edge of the Historic line. Applicant agreed to not have the compost bin extend into the Historic District; therefore, not under the purview of th e HHDC.

Nancy Macalaster, Chair