Old Home Day will be on August 19th this year with events beginning on August 18th. The theme is "ABOVE and BEYOND"!

Events will include the annual Library Book Sale and the Historical Society's Open House. The Parade, Talent Show and Chicken Barbecue are mainstays. The Craft Fair will be on the Village green.

Some new ideas are a Friday Night Community Drumming Circle and an All Town Photo (Sean Kerwin's idea to bring this back). This will be a second year for the Kids Alley in the Horse Sheds area and the climbing will be back along with the Synchro Sisters. Stay tuned for more details.

Below are the committee members who are hard at work to bring us another wonderful Old Home Day!

Sarah Laeng-Gilliatt - mainstcheese@gmail.com  525-3300

Mandy Whicker - mjwhicker15@hotmail.com  831-9436

Melody Russell - melodyzahnrussell@gmail.com  547-0887