Norway Pond 2017 Ice Out Contest

Our 5th annual Ice Out contest is underway as all eyes turn to the "little church on the pond" and everyone speculates on when the ice will crack beneath it. You can track the condition of the ice on a daily basis, as well as buy your tickets online if you choose. Check out the website for the latest information and marvel at our state of electronics that make this information possible!

This is a 50/50 contest run by a joint Church/Town committee. The proceeds are split between the person who comes closet to guessing the exact moment the ice goes out, and the Building Fund of the Meetinghouse and Vestry of Hancock, Tickets cost $2 for one and $5 for three and can be purchased online, at the Hancock Market, Fiddleheads, The Hancock Inn or from any church member.

We welcome participation from everyone near and far and look forward to the day when the ice cracks and the winner is declared.  Good luck!