Publishing Information

To submit articles for Hancock Happenings, send email to  Jaime Donovan, editor, or call 903.0190 for more information.

Deadline for Submission

  • Text and ads: NLT 5:00 p.m., on the 22nd of each month (invoices will be emailed upon request)
  • Checks must be received by the 22nd of the month

Payable to Town of Hancock.
Memo line: Hancock Happenings
Mail to Town of Hancock
Attn: Hancock Happenings
PO Box 6
Hancock, 03449

Opinion pieces and political advertising or articles are not accepted.

Notice to Hancock Happenings Contributors Who Own a Computer
As of May 23, 2014, in order to avoid wasting time and typing errors, the only hard copy (paper) submissions to Hancock Happenings that will be accepted will be from contributors who neither own, nor have access to a computer. For computer users: text submissions should be in Word, a text PDF or typed in the email and sent via email.. A scan of text that must be re-typed will not be accepted, unless it is to design or modify a graphic or an ad. If you do not own a computer and do not have access to one, hard copy (paper) submissions are, of course, perfectly fine.

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  • Hope Pettegrew, Edna Drasba, Josephine Warner
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  • Nameplate by Eleanor Amidon

Due to cost considerations, Hancock Happenings is printed in black and white. The online version is in color.