Posted Roads

Road Weight Limit Posting

Effective February 21, 2017: The Town of Hancock has posted the following roads with a seasonal weight limit, per the Road Weight Limit Ordinance, RSA 231:191.  Permits may be obtained by contacting the Public Works Department at 603-525-4087. A restoration bond may be required to issue a permit. 

Antrim Rd   Ledge Rd 
Birch Rd     Link Rd
Brimestone Corner Rd   Longview Rd
Carriage Hill   Middle Rd 
Cavender Rd   North Rd 
Cross Rd   Norway Hill Rd
Cross St   Old Dublin Rd
Davenport Rd    Old Hancock Rd
Depot Rd   Pickering Farm Rd
Duncan Rd   Prospect Hill Rd
Elmwood Rd    Reavley Rd
Evergreen Hill Rd   Sargent Camp Rd
Fairfield Rd    School St
High St   Shady Lane
Hosley Rd   South Elmwood    
Hunts Pond Rd   Sugar Bush Rd
Jacquith Rd   Tannery Hill Rd
Juniper Circle   Vatcher Rd
Juniper Circle   Verney Rd
Kimball Rd   Willard Pond Rd 
Kings Highway   Windy Row Rd