Mud Season

New England's Fifth Season
We are beginning the 5th season in New England, MUD Season! And I think this year has the potential to be one of the worst we have had in many years. And to be perfectly honest, there is not a lot we can do, it is an environmental issue that is out of our control. All we can do is try to minimize or warn you about the situation, but Mother Nature will control it.
If we can remember back to November and December we had several storms that started as snow and quickly went over to rain. All that water is sitting in the top 6-8 inches of the ground, just waiting to turn from ice to water. Then the super cold of January and February gave us about 4 1/2 to 5 feet of frost under our roads,This combination will give us a lot of water up high, and no way for it drain down through the soil. That is how we make mud :)
A few lesson on surviving mud season:
  1. Stay off the gravel roads! if you do not have to travel on them, don't. The more the vehicles stir up the mud the deeper the mud gets and the longer it takes to dry out. If you live on the gravel roads try to minimize your trips
  2. Pay attention to our signs! If we post a sign that says "caution mud," there will be mud, you may want to think of an alternate route. If route A is muddy and posted and Route B is not, go route B. If we post a sign that says "road closed," well that should be self explanatory :) I will try to provide one way in and one way out, but we may not always be able to provide through traffic on all our roads.
  3. If you must travel a gravel road, try to time your trips to coincide with the colder temperatures. Early morning trips might be easier, particularly if the temperatures went below freezing. he colder it gets, the stiffer the mud will be.
If you absolutely must travel on a gravel road
  1. Be patient! if you come up to a muddy spot and you have on-coming traffic, alternate who goes through the mud. If you both try, you both may find yourself stuck. The sides of the road will be the softest, stay to the middle of road as much as possible.
  2. If the mud get really bad, we will put some stone out in the center of the road, Stay on the stone, getting off to one side is  a sure way to get stuck. As you start through a muddy section, DO NOT STOP! Continue moving until you are through. Stopping or hesitating increases your chances of getting stuck.
  3. If you see anyone tearing up our gravel roads, as in 4-wheel drive mudding, please call the police. they are tearing up your road and wasting your tax dollars. 
Cheer up, the black flies are coming :)
Kurtis J Grassett
Director of Public Works
March 10, 2015