Downloadable Building Permit Fee Schedule Here PDF 53 KB)




EFFECTIVE:  January 23, 2012


Fee Calculation:  New construction, both residential and commercial, is based on the sum of all the gross horizontal areas of all floors of the building.  This includes basements and garages.  Attic floors are not included in this calculation unless they are designed for habitable rooms at a future date.  Building permit fees are inclusive and include plumbing, mechanical and electrical inspections.


New Residential $0.25 per square foot                                     New Commercial   $0.30 per square foot


Manufactured Housing or storage (all types)   $0.25 per square foot


Additions to existing structures, including attached garages, will be calculated in the same manner.


Unattached structures such as garages, barns, sheds, etc. will be calculated @ $0.25 per square foot


Renovations will be calculated by the square footage of the areas affected, e.g. a kitchen renovation fee would be based only upon the square footage occupied by the new design.  Renovations not involving structural changes will be charged according to the following fee schedule:


Plumbing permit               $50.00                    Mechanical permit     $50.00    

Electrical Permit                $50.00                    Foundations only       $50.00    

Gas Permit                             $50.00                    Sign Permit                    $25.00

Swimming Pools                 $50.00                   Septic Systems            $50.00

Demolition                            No Fee                Renewal Permit   50% of original cost, Min. $50.00


Demolition Permit - A demolition permit is required, and is available with no fee charged.  Depending on the structure, however, it may be necessary to evaluate the building for the presence of lead paint or asbestos.  The State has stringent requirements regarding the removal and dumping of these materials.  Information is available at the Town Office regarding these procedures.


Work requiring a permit without payment of a fee:


1.      A permit shall be obtained for any repair, alteration or similar activity that includes any structural changes, plumbing, wiring or the creation of new space.  However, there is no fee if the reasonable cost to complete such activity is estimated to be $1,000.00 or less.

2.     The building inspector should be contacted to discuss the extent of the project.  He will determine if a building permit is necessary.

3.     If the inspector is aware of work being done without a permit being issued, the inspector has the right to examine the project and determine the permitting required.


Downloadable Building Permit Fee Schedule Here PDF 53 KB)
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