MAY 21, 2012


PRESENT:  Carolyn Boland-Chair, John Jordan, James Mose – Selectboard

                       Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary


 OTHERS:  Kurtis Grassett-DPW Director, Michael Fallon & Allison Kerwin-Common

                       Commissioners, Mark Schaal-contractor, Lois Haskins-Town Treasurer, Andrew

                       Wood-Police Chief, Nancy D. Adams-Hancock Market owner, Sherry Williams-

                       Fiddleheads Café owner, David Anderson-Reporter


The meeting began at the Bandstand where the Selectboard, the Common Commissioners Schaal and Grassett met to discuss the design of the steps and painting of the structure.  The colors will remain the same as now with the white shingles, green lattice and trim and gray interior.  The interior lighting will be improved.  The anticipated completion date is prior to July 4th.


The Board and others participating in the balance of the meeting then moved back to the Town Office where the Board continued with the balance of Grassett's reports.


MAIN STREET:  Grassett reported the asphalt bubbled up again this past weekend.  He placed 3/8 inch stone over the whole area today.  The plan now is to remove the chip seal and put down 3/8 mix with heavy stone content with stone dust to give some color.  The town crew will scrape up the chip seal in preparation for Mathewson's work.  The town received some funds from B.U.R. toward this repair as well as $6,000 from Meridian Land Services.  When the Òas doneÓ plans are submitted there will be about $11,000 due from the state on this project.


Neatly Done will be contacting the person who refinished the Fiddlehead's Café floors in order to determine what should be used now to clean them.   Neatly Done will also be assessing the Hancock Market floors and may spot treat until the problem is totally cured.


TOMBSTONE TERRITORY: Grassett received a call from a resident of the road stating the other residents would like to see the road paved but they need the approval of the road owner in order to do this.  Nancy Boyce, owner, has given her approval for this and is also willing to sell the road to the town for $1.00.  Grassett suggested he contact Town Counsel for input regarding any potential legal implications if the town were to take ownership to the road.  The Selectboard supported this action.


There was a good response from the neighbors, including the Inn.  The cost to pave a strip 12 feet wide from the apron to the end of the Library parking area would be $6,750.  The Inn and the Library create the most use on the road.  The Selectboard agreed Grassett could talk with the neighbors about the best way to split the cost of the project.


PIGEONS:  Grassett reported on a conversation he had with Leslie Hartwell, Market Master for the Hancock Farmer's Market, in mid-April, regarding cleaning the horse sheds for the summer's use by the Hancock Market.  Grassett stated the town would clean them out but would not be doing anything with the pigeons.  This past Thursday Marsha Kono contacted him about the mess the pigeons are leaving.  He had no good solution for her but told her she could put up an owl or hang CD's around.  The Selectboard is not going to start a pigeon eradication program.


TRANSFER STATION:  Grassett questioned whether the Transfer Station would be open or closed on Monday, May 28th in honor of Memorial Day and Wednesday July 4th.  The Board agreed it would be closed on both those dates.


DOG ISSUE:  Grassett brought in some information he had obtained giving suggested criteria for businesses that choose to permit dogs, i.e. flea program, waiver that the employee responsible for cost of any damage and, at the same time, questioning whether a waiver would be sufficient.  Boland feels the town cannot allow them.  The greatest concern is the insurance issue which puts the town at risk.  The Town's insurance company does not cover any dogs with the



MAY 21, 2012



exception of certified Police dogs.  Mose moved that the Town have a policy that no dogs are allowed in town buildings; seconded by Jordan; unanimously approved.



INVESTMENT POLICY:  Haskins handed out a draft of the current policy with some changes noted.  She had attended one of the sessions on Investment Policies at the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Conference and has incorporated some of their suggested wording.  Haskins also handed out a statement of Investment Activity for 2011.


Haskins noted that while several communities have had to obtain Tax Anticipation Notes (TANS) recently, Hancock has not had to for several years.  Caverly noted that none have been taken out since the town went to semiannual billing.


In other notes, Haskins stated the PDIP interest is finally increasing.  The other option for additional funds would be CD's but she can't really put any in 3-month CD's. 


The remaining balance in the Prospect Hill Warrant Article from 2011 is currently being held in a money market account until the project is completed this year.


Another of the conference highlights is the newest GASB 63– Reporting Deferred Inflows, Outflows and Net Position.  Haskins explained this latest GASB (Government Accounting Standards Board) requirement to the Selectboard. 


She also referred back to the GASB 34 requirement of several years ago noting the town has been working toward implementation of more of those requirements and she recommended finalizing compliance there.  This could impact the town's borrowing rate in the future if we do not become compliant.  There are methods that can keep this process from becoming too complicated.


Haskins has some sample policies for the Selectboard to review.  These GASB Rulings are focused on bringing the communities into tighter financial control and reporting, i.e. what to keep as a minimum bank balance and under what conditions would they approving spending of it; improved purchase policies, and new economic condition reporting.  Pension accounting may be required to be implemented as early as this year.  The towns may have to show the portion of the pension that is underfunded.  The New Hampshire Retirement System has to allocate those portions to the towns because the towns offer the retirement to the employees (mandated by State Statute).  Under GASB 63 this would be shown as a Deferred Outflow.  Economic Condition reporting, financial projections five years out, may be coming as early as 2014.


Haskins feels that with all these new financial requirements coming forward the town will need to look closely at the financial staffing for the near future.


In between the two there is also the GASB 54 regarding a Fund Balance Policy.  Some of the Rulings could have a more immediate impact on the town.  Haskins stated there is the need to investigate and develop a plan moving forward.    The Selectboard will be discussing these in more detail with Haskins in the near future.


MINUTES:  Mose moved to accept the Minutes of May 14th; seconded by Jordan; unanimously approved.


NANCY ADAMS/SHERRY WILLIAMS:  Adams, as Hancock Market owner and Williams as Fiddleheads Café owner were in to talk with the Selectboard about the condition of the floors in their establishments.  The warmer weather brought the liquid asphalt back to the surface again and has caused further tracking on their floors.  Williams spoke for several minutes on her own situation with the decreased business when work is being done in the parking area in front of her place.  She also loses when she has to close during the time the floors are being cleaned.  Williams did acknowledge it is not the fault of the Selectboard but she did want to make it known she does lose a substantial amount of business at


MAY 21, 2012



those times.  Williams was told she would have to make a claim to the Town by way of a letter of explanation as to how she has been affected by all the tracking of liquid asphalt into her café as well as the lost business during the repairs.


Adams stated she has concerns and did say she thinks her floors are worse now than they were last year when this took place but she does understand the Selectboard and Grassett are working to get a final resolution to this.


Boland stated that the Board was waiting to see if this would occur again when we went into hot weather.  Now that it has, Grassett has spread some material over it.  It should have completed volatizing after the first year; however, three weeks ago it started in again.  Grassett has started discussions with the Selectboard and Mathewson Companies.  He has a plan to start next Tuesday, May 29th, in front of the Market and Fiddleheads to scrape all the chip seal and then put asphalt surface over all followed by a light dusting of stone dust.  He will also be doing the sidewalk and will have plywood on hand during that time.



Dump:  Jordan reported the meeting was cancelled

Planning Board: Boland reported no meeting


THOMPSON DEED:  Caverly reported that the tax collector, Rennie Timm, took her concerns regarding the Thompson property to Town Counsel to confirm everything she has done is in order.  Counsel said that was the correct step and noted one or two added times she should obtain and then could move forward with the deeding process again.


HEALTH INSURANCE LETTER TO EMPLOYEES:  Boland is working on this letter of explanation to the employees regarding the projected increase in the employee share of the insurance to 7.5% in July.


MISCELLANEOUS:  Caverly asked that the benefit policy issues brought forth a few weeks ago be addressed in the near future.


ADJOURNED:  At 6:10 p.m. Mose moved to adjourn, seconded by Jordan.


Respectfully submitted,



Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary