MAY 7, 2012


PRESENT:  Carolyn Boland-Chair, John Jordan, James Mose-via telephone

                       Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary


 OTHERS:  Kurtis Grassett-DPW Director, Eric Spitzbarth, Andrew Wood-Police Chief


Boland called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.


Mose moved to accept the Minutes of April 30th, seconded by Jordan, unanimously approved.



Conval Model Study Committee:  Jordan reported the committee held their Hancock presentation last week and there was a larger attendance than at any of the others to date.  Mose stated he noticed some interesting differences between the School Board and the Selectboard perceptions.


Selectmen's Institute:  Mose said he has finished the second session of the Selectmen's Institute and feels he is learning a lot.


Planning Board:  Boland reported there was no Planning Board meeting last week.  On another topic relating to the Planning Board, Boland noted the Office of Energy and Planning did not hold a fall or spring conference as they have in the past.  She felt those conferences had been very beneficial.


Common Commission:  Boland reported the Commissioners discussed the budget and changes they would like to make to the budget in order to pay for their share of the new lawn mower.  Caverly will check whether they will continue to meet monthly or whether they will be changing to meeting "as needed". Once the determination has been made it will be posted on the website.


HIGHWAY REPORT:  Mowing:  Grassett asked the Board's permission to go out for a part time seasonal person to assist Lenny with all the lawn mowing.  The job would entail 16 – 24 hours per week on average.


PTO Policy change:  Grassett asked the Board to consider a policy change with regard to PTO time.  He would like the policy to require people to use their PTO time and not bank it when they do not work a full week.  Jordan moved that an employee shall use all available PTO time before taking any unpaid time off, seconded by Mose, unanimously approved.  The Personnel Manual will need to be changed to reflect this when it is completed.  Grassett will draw up a draft.


Town Office Driveway:  Grassett plans to move forward with closing off the east entrance to the Town Office.  He will place barricades along that section for two weeks prior to cutting out the pavement and loaming and seeding the area.  Jordan suggested he put a notice up on the website and into the next issue of Hancock Happenings.


Grading:  The weather will shut down the planned grading for another week; however, the crew is moving forward with the summer prep work.




MAY 7, 2012



Prospect Hill:  Grassett received a letter from a Prospect Hill resident expressing concern regarding how some people are driving when a handicapped person is walking on the roadside.  Chief Wood was present during the discussion and indicated he would speak with the concerned citizen.


Dump Committee:  Caverly noted the letter of interest in serving on the Dump Committee, received from Karlene Embler.  Jordan moved to appoint Karlene Embler to the Dump Committee, seconded by Mose, unanimously approved.  Caverly will notify Karlene.


SPITZBARTH APPOINTMENT:  Spitzbarth was in pertaining to the boat launch at Nubanusit Lake.   He submitted a post script to his original letter submitted to the Selectboard.  He remarked that he is there about 5-6 days of the week, many of the days for the sunrise.


Discussing the boat launch itself, Spitzbarth noted the rocks create damage to personal property; people slip on the rocks.  He noted the various trailers and tow vehicles he has as well as his licenses and certifications.  The optimum launch angle is 12 – 15 degrees but it is less than 12% there now.   He noted further that the speed limit on the lake is 10 miles per hour and that power boats are not permitted to pass within 150 feet of a canoe or kayak at over 10 miles per hour or create any wake.  Jordan explained the cost of a ramp is approximately $90,000 - $100,000.


Spitzbarth suggested digging out and replacing the rocks with proper material.  Boland noted no excavation can take place in the water without permission from the Department of Environmental Services.


Spitzbarth also noted it is very challenging to pull a boat out of the water on a windy day.  Mose asked what he feels the town could do.  Spitzbarth's reply was to not use jagged rocks.  The Selectboard will ask Grassett if there is anything smaller he could put in to cover the rocks now there.


Spitzbarth stated he would like to see the ramp improved in some way.  He also finds boaters have a lot of etiquette but the only problem there seems to be with the rocks.  Boland will check with Grassett.  She knows there are some very specific rules to be followed. 


Spitzbarth's final request was for the Board to please see what can be done.  To do nothing would be better than what is there now.


BOILER SYSTEM:  Jordan brought in an information sheet on Peterborough's new heating system – a wood pellet fired boiler system that has saved the town several thousand dollars in fuel costs.


POLICE REPORT:  Chief Wood said the Ford Explorer has been turned in on the purchase of the new cruiser.


The Hancock Police Officers have all attended training on the State of New Hampshire Domestic Violence Lethality Assessment "Train the Trainer" Program and are now certified trainers and can train officers in other departments.  Mose said he is in favor of this move.



MAY 7, 2012



Wood reported the 2009 cruiser was backed into earlier in the afternoon while parked at the post office.  The accident has been reported to the insurance company of the responsible party.  It will be reported to the town's insurance company promptly.


The 2013 Ford Explorer is partly in service with a temporary light and radio.  The final installations will be completed within the next week or two.


ADJOURNED:  Jordan moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:55 p.m., seconded by Mose, so voted.


Respectfully submitted,




Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary