April 2, 2012


PRESENT:  John Jordan, James Mose –Selectboard

                       Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary

 ABSENT:  Carolyn Boland

 OTHERS:  Kurtis Grassett-DPW Director, Andy Sanborn-State Senator, Bill Gnade, Andrew Woods-Police



Jordan called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.  Mose moved to accept the Minutes of March 26th, seconded by Jordan, unanimously approved.


COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS:  Mose moved that Roberta LaPlante be appointed to serve on the Conservation Commission and the Recreation Committee; seconded by Jordan; unanimously approved.


HALLIDAY PIPELINE, LLC:  It was determined a letter needs to be sent to Halliday requesting removal of his sign on two private properties where he is not doing any construction.  He is in violation of the Hancock Zoning Ordinances with these signs.  Further, he has never responded to the letters sent by Linda Coughlan requesting completion of a questionnaire to determine if he is operating a Home Based Business.  


HIGHWAY REPORT:  Grassett reported on Onsite Drug Testing of New England, LLC, a new company to do the Drug and Alcohol testing for the town.  This company has coverage 24/7, if needed, and can perform the testing onsite at the Highway Garage or at their main office in Concord.  Grassett explained the benefits of this company over MCH for the majority of his needs.


HEALTH RATES:  Caverly confirmed the new health insurance rates are in and they are lower than the initial guaranteed maximum.


LAKE NUBANUSIT:  Grassett was in to mention the need to work on the boat landing again this spring as it needs some more rock.   He stated there is nothing in writing regarding the ramp but he would need to follow basic best management procedures.


Senator Sanborn:  Andy Sanborn met with the Selectboard to explain the Merrimack Flood Control Compact issues as they relate to why the state is not paying the towns their full share of the flood control money.  It involves the state of Massachusetts who stopped paying their share to New Hampshire, thus, New Hampshire is only paying out its share now.   He continued on with other facts and figures and noted some bills going forth on the topic.  Sanborn also questioned whether the assessment of those flood lands has been updated in the past ten or more years here.  He noted typically many places do not keep those assessments up to date.


Sanborn went on to discuss the issues with DOT which were initially raised by Grassett a year ago involving the extensive process being required to replace a culvert under a town road.   It was noted the real issues occur on a culvert over 48" when the state has tighter requirements.  It is felt any culvert from 48 inches to ten feet should only need minimal engineering and any over ten feet should need a full permitting.  Grassett noted the NH Fish and Game is pushing for all natural bottom culverts and he would like to see false bottom culverts.


Discussion of bridges ensued with the note that a bridge in failure can be repaired faster than if a town is being proactive in trying to repair before failure occurs.


Sanborn reported on the redistricting stating he will continue to be in our district.


Other issues touched on were gas tax and how it is affecting the roads funding as well as education funding issues.




APRIL 2, 2012



BILL GNADE:  Gnade stopped in to speak with the Selectboard regarding the logging operation taking place at Seven Maples Campground.  He stated the "screen" of trees has now been removed between Longview Road and what is

referred to as "the Grove" at the campground.  Gnade questioned what the campground owners are doing and why the extensive clear cut.  He was told the work being done is within the owner's right but the Board did agree to look into the situation further.


POLICE REPORT:  Chief Wood was in with a question regarding the Police Detail Ordinance that was changed to a Police Detail Policy.  He question how violations would be enforced if it is a policy and not an ordinance.  This will be looked into.


CRUISER:  In response to Mose's concern last week that the new cruiser might be too small to sit in comfortably, Wood stated he has checked out the size and it is fine.  He would like to order the cruiser from Hillsborough Ford.  Jordan gave approval for Wood to proceed with the order for the voter approved cruiser.  Wood stated it could come in as early as the week of April 23.


HIGHWAY REPORT CONTINUED:  Grassett stated the document shredding is tentatively scheduled for June 2 from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon.


SUMMER WORK:  Grassett showed the Selectboard the gant chart and explained the whole process, including how it helps with required delays in some instances.   Grassett will watch the plan for a year or two to demine where some changes might need to be made.


Oiling will take place preferably the end of August.


Ditching will be done on Kimball Road, Old Dublin Road, King's Highway and Depot Road.


A private resident of Depot Road is now parking his truck and trailer on Camp Guild property without permission.


HILL'S PIT:  The crew is screening at the pit this week.  Grassett noted the material is not the best.  He will be talking with a crusher to determine the best way to work the stones.


Hill has decided he would like to have 5 cents of his per yard fee placed into the escrow account.  The pit agreement will be reworked to reflect this change.


ADJOURNED:  Mose moved to adjourn at 6:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary