Hancock Selectboard Meeting

January 23, 2012


PRESENT:  Roberta LaPlante-Chair, John Jordan – Selectboard

                       Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary

ABSENT:  Carolyn Boland

 OTHERS:  Kurtis Grassett-DPW Director


LaPlante called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  LaPlante called for the approval of the Minutes of January 16.  Jordan moved to accept the Minutes of January 16, 2012.


Caverly and LaPlante noted amendments to be made to the January 2, 2012 Minutes at the request of Nahida Sherman.  She asked that additional comments she had made at the meeting be entered into them.  Those changes are:  1.  She stated there are two properties in Hancock that are within the 3-mile radius.  There are many properties within the 3-mile radius, but I mentioned that I had personally driven to a location within the 3-mile radius at the end of Prospect Hill Road where two properties would face the towers.  I also mentioned that I had spoken with two property owners who are within the 2-mile radius at the north end of town.

2. Sherman was surprised the Harris Center was listed as an intervener in the material received by the Hancock Selectboard.
What I said was that I was surprised that the Harris Center was NOT listed in the material received by the Hancock Selectboard, since the Harris Center is an intervenor in the case
    Jordan moved to incorporate the changes submitted by Sherman into the Minutes of January 2, 2012; seconded by LaPlante; so voted.


PUBLIC HEARING:  At 7:05 p.m. LaPlante opened the public hearing regarding the Mandatory Recycling and Transfer Station Ordinance.  Jordan presented the modifications to Article 12. Penalty by reading each penalty separately.  Jordan moved to amend as read, seconded by LaPlante, unanimously approved.  The Board will sign the approved ordinance, as modified this date.


BUILDING PERMIT FEES:  Caverly brought forth a set of updated building permit and associated fees given to her by Code Officer Charles Stevenson.   The basic changes are:  Plumbing permit to $50; Electrical Permit to $50; Gas Permit to $50; Mechanical permit to $50; Foundations only permit $50; Sign permit $25; Swimming Pools $50; Demolition No Fee, Renewal Permit  50% of original cost, Minimum $50.  Jordan moved to adopt the new building permit fee schedule, including the new rate for the Code Officer, effective February 1, 2012; seconded by LaPlante, unanimously approved.


HOME OCCUPATION:  The Selectboard has asked that the Code Officer go the residence on Elmwood road, and remove the sign because of continuous failure to comply with requests for her to schedule a meeting with the Board of Adjustment in order to come into compliance with the Town Zoning Ordinance.


GENERATOR MAINTENANCE RFP OPENING:  LaPlante opened the bids, as follows: 

Power Point Generator:  $1,150

Yestramski Electrical Services, Inc.:  $2.340

Power Up Generator Service Co.:  $2,760


Grassett will confirm with Power Point and Yestramski as to whether their amounts are per year or the total for the three years, as requested in the bid specifications.


WINTER FROLIC:  LaPlante notified Grassett of the date of the Winter Frolic and asked if he would leave some barrels out to be placed at the pond and near the horse sheds.


ELECTRICAL COOP:  Grassett noted the signing with Constellation for the electrical co-op soon.



JANUARY 23, 2012



FIRE DEPT. ELECTRICAL LINE:  Grassett said the electricity for the Fire Department is in the Fire Dept. budget while all the other electric bills are in his Town Buildings budget.  Now that PSNH is net metering Grassett asked if that bill could be moved to his Town Building electricity line- 4194.410.  The Selectboard agreed this would bring continuity for tracking purposes.


BENEFITS:  LaPlante inquired if any of the highway crew accrues vacation time.  Grassett stated he doesn't feel the town should go with the "use it or lose it" approach but there is room for discussion as to how much could be carried forward.  Accrued Paid Time Off can also affect the budget.


When discussion takes place regarding modifications to the Personnel Manual, there are other areas to be reviewed, as well, i.e. sick time and holiday time.  There needs to be a good balance that will maintain a good work force and a good attitude among the employees.



SAC:  Jordan reported eight towns attended the meeting along with Bart Goodeve, Gail Cromwell and John Gryval from the School Board.  SAC repo4rted they are not interested in the increase in the Administrative line.  George Kidd gave his presentation and Jordan reported there was no support.


Recreation:  LaPlante reported on the Winter Frolic plans that are coming along nicely.  The flyers are due to go out.


TAX COLLECTOR:  Caverly brought forth a question from the tax collector asking if the Selectboard would like her to put an explanation of the new tax rate in her report or if they wish to.  The Board will take care of that.  A notice of a position opening for deputy tax collector will be posted in the near future.


Police Secretary:  The topic was discussed further and Jordan stated he does not favor hiring a secretary for the Police Department; LaPlante stated she is ok with trying it on a part-time basis, working within his budget.  Jordan said if there is a major case he could bring someone in within the regular part time budget; but no regularly scheduled person.    


Miscellaneous:  Caverly will speak with Grassett about some additional details surrounding the Meetinghouse project and when the structure will need to be painted again.


Caverly will also send a reminder to Pat Payne regarding the meeting between the Hancock Advisory Committee and the Selectboard on Monday, January 30th.


ADJOURNED:  Jordan moved to adjourn at 8:45 p.m.; seconded by LaPlante, so moved.


Respectfully submitted,



Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary