January 2, 2012


PRESENT:  Roberta LaPlante-Chair, Carolyn Boland, John Jordan – Selectboard

                      Barbara Caverly –Town Administrator/Recording Secretary


 OTHERS:  Nahida Sherman-Webmaster, Kurtis Grassett-DPW Director


LaPlante called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.


Jordan moved to accept the Minutes of December 12th and 19th with one correction to the Minutes of the 12th.  In the liaison report pertaining to the gymnasium, it should have read the School Board wants more square footage than necessary.  Boland seconded the motion with the correction; unanimously approved.



Model Study Committee:  Jordan reported a presentation will be held in town to support Model 5.  The Articles of Agreement does not say the district "has to" have two middle schools but, rather, "may" have two.  The Selectboard agrees the towns should bring the fifth grades back to the individual towns.


Dump:  Jordan reported the committee discussed the modifications to the ordinance to be presented at a public hearing.


Recreation:  LaPlante reported the Recreation Committee did meet but she was unable to be present.


Selectboard meetings:  Caverly asked for confirmation on two holiday meeting dates: January 16th and February 20th.  The Board determined they will hold their regular meetings, as scheduled, although the offices will be closed.


NAHIDA SHERMAN:  Sherman was in on two separate issues.  The first one pertained to Hancock Happenings advertisers.  She would like to add all Happenings advertisers to the website, including those from out of town.  She will add them to the advertiser's page.  She stated she makes a new page each month.


Sherman's second issue was that of the Antrim Wind Farm, referencing the previous Minutes of December 5, 2011.

She stated there are two properties in Hancock that are within the 3-mile radius.  She felt Hancock might want to be a "consulting party" although the Board previously sent notice to Antrim that they didn't feel Hancock was impacted.  Sherman showed the Selectboard some maps with the one- mile, two-mile and 3-mile radii marked


Sherman's main concern was that nothing official was presented to the town and is concerned for the Selectboard.  LaPlante stated she had received an email from Marc DeBanico of the Hancock Conservation Commission.  The Commission will be meeting on January 3rd and Brian Biehl will be present.  Biehl is connected with the Antrim Wind Farm project.  LaPlante feels the Conservation Commission may take a position after hearing Biehl's presentation.   LaPlante stated she is willing to have the Conservation Commission represent the town on the issue


Sherman was surprised the Harris Center was listed as an intervener in the material received by the Hancock Selectboard.  The Selectboard questioned if there is anything historical or archeological in Hancock's portion of the area.  The project could, potentially, affect property values within the 3-mile radius.  The northwest corner of Hancock is within the two-mile radius.  The Selectboard agreed to have the Conservation Commission investigate the issue.


HIGHWAY REPORT:  Grassett told the Selectboard he will be in and out a lot this week with personal issues.


Warrant articles under Grassett's department were then discussed.





JANUARY 2, 2012



Compactor:   Grassett reported they discussed increasing the size but determined it wouldn't be any significant savings so they are staying with the current 2-yard one.  He is waiting for all the estimates to come in.  Grassett has determined a lease-purchase would not be a financial asset.


BANDSTAND:  The cost to repair the Bandstand will be $20,000 minus $10,000 to come from the HIA (Hancock Improvement Association) and monies from a fund raiser to be held by the Common Commissioners.  There is also the possibility of approximately $2,000 to come from the Common trust fund if the Selectboard and the Common Commissioners agree to that.  Boland stated she doesn't feel comfortable taking all of the balance in that fund out.  The amount to be used will be decided at a later date, prior to town meeting.


STEEPLE:  Grassett presented figures on the repair of the steeple, including t he bell tower and the clock.  The bell tower will cost $32,640 to be split 50/50 with the church giving each a $16,320 share.  The clock total is $8,400 to be borne totally by the town.  The total town share would be $24,720.  There is slightly over $15,000 in the capital reserve fund at this time.  To complete the project the town will need just over $10,000.


The Selectboard would like to leave some funds in the capital reserve fund which would mean raising more in 2012.  Jordan suggested using some of the unexpended fund balance to complete the project.


LaPlante stated she feels the issues need to be addressed as they come up rather than waiting for a major breakdown.


Grassett and the Selectboard then discussed all the repairs needed around the belfry.  Grassett questioned whether the railings around the outside of the belfry could be replicated in fiberglass.  He knows this has been done in other locations successfully.  It was agreed they would need to determine if that would impact the town's ability to obtain grants for the Meetinghouse in the future.


Bridge Capital Reserve:  Grassett stated he is still working on a whole bridge program.  Currently, the plan is to put $5,000 per year into the capital reserve fund. 


Grassett stated the bridge on Old Dublin Road and Longview are two projects.  Old Dublin Road needs something other than a total replacement and he is doing some research on that.  Longview Road Bridge should be the next one to be replaced as that is a more important bridge.  Grassett will be working out the details to determine what amount will be needed in the capital reserve.   He stated possibly doing Old Dublin on our own because otherwise, it would have to wait until around 2016.  There is not a weight limit on that bridge at the present time.  The Board wants to leave the $5000 in the Capital Improvements Plan at this time.  Grassett stated he will notify the state that the Mill Road Bridge is now off the state bridge list.


Class A Trails:  Grassett stated there needs to be a discussion with the Conservation Commission regarding who will be maintaining all the trails being adopted by the Town.  It needs to be determined whether it will be with the Conservation Commission or with Grassett's department.  LaPlante stated she will ask the Conservation Commission to schedule a time when they meet in February.


Transfer station:  Grassett reported Cassidy would like to be replaced at the Transfer Station.  He would be willing to come in on occasion.  Grassett is thinking about a high school student aged 16 or older.  He would like to go through the Conval Guidance office and/or place posters up at the Transfer Station. 


Grassett noted the new employee, Lenny Emond, seems to be working out well.  Grassett stated he is setting aside time on Monday mornings for him, Jeff Wright (highway foreman) and Lenny to lay out the week's work schedule.




JANUARY 2, 2012



Street Lights:  Grassett reported on PSNH's notice to the towns that they have a plan to change all the light bulbs every six years.  This coming year they will be around doing these changes.  There is an option now available to have a photo timer installed when the bulbs are changed.  This would be at minimal or no cost to the town if done now and would mean the selected street lights would turn off at midnight.  Grassett inquired whether the Selectboard is interested in pursuing.  Grassett will consult with Police Chief Wood and Fire Chief Nevan Cassidy for their input.  However, Grassett did state he would not consider changing the street lights in the area of the Hancock Market and the Hancock Inn.  Grassett will bring answers back to a future Selectboard meeting.


LAKE NUBANUSIT LANDING:  The Selectboard received a letter of concern regarding their decision to not pursue having the state Fish and Game take over the public landing at Lake Nubanusit at this time.  The Board determined they will look into the topic further to confirm some past understandings of what would be involved if the state did take it over.


POLICE:  LaPlante updated the Selectboard on her recent discussions with Chief Wood.  She has asked him for a full breakdown on the cost of the cruiser as well as the replacement equipment planned.


The Selectboard agreed the part time budget is to remain at $17,000.  Wood needs to give justification for secretarial hours proposed in his budget.


The Selectboard wants to have Wood come in either weekly or monthly to give updates on the selling of his property and any other pending items.  Caverly will discuss with Wood and place him on the schedule.


ADJOURNED:  The meeting was adjourned at 5:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,



Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary