Minutes:  May 21, 2012


Members Present:                             Chair David Drasba, Vice Chair Tim Lord, Ruth Wilder

Alternates Present:                           Deb Sampson, Don Klug, Dennis Rossiter, Secretary

For the Planning Board:                    Roberta Nylander

For the Select Board:                        John Jordan


7:00 PM: Chair Drasba called the meeting to order.

WELCOME TO DON KLUG:  Chair Drasba welcomed new alternate Don Klug to the HHDC.


MINUTES OF 04.17.2012:  RE:  Overlay District Ordinance review. Nylander requested that the wording in the second sentence of the paragraph dealing with the Overlay District now read: "A general discussion ensued that work needed to be done, and in what timeframe, etc...." Upon motion by Wilder and second by Lord, the minutes were accepted as corrected.


COMPLIANCE ISSUES: Drasba said there were three compliance issues to review and discuss:

  • Hatab property:  The lattice railing on the porch roof was removed without submitting an Application for Certificate of Approval. Jordan will review the issue with the Selectboard and Drasba will write a letter to property owner Hatab, with copy to the Hancock Select Board, regarding compliance and removal of the porch lattice railing without an approved Certificate of Approval.

  • Fairpoint Telephone Building, School Street:  The fence in front of the telephone building is in disrepair and needs to be restored. Drasba will contact Kurt Grassett and/or Mike Fallon to research the appropriate contact at Fairpoint. Drasba will then write a letter to the Fairpoint contact, notifying the representative that the fence needs to be repaired/restored. Rossiter will follow-up as required.

  • 3 Main Street:  The property owner replaced the garage doors without submitting an Application for Certificate of Approval. Drasba will send the property owner a letter requesting an application.

39 MAIN ST:  Chair Drasba said that the HHDC has received an Application for Certificate of Approval from the property owner regarding the installation of step railings on the side of the residence by the driveway. A hearing has been scheduled for June 12, 2012 at 7 PM at the Hancock Town Office. Abutters will be notified by the HHDC Secretary, with notices posted at the Town Office, Hancock Post Office, and the Hancock website.


OVERLAY DISTRICT ORDINANCE:  Drasba said that the HHDC will review the individual sections and subsections of the Overlay Ordinance adopted in March, 2006. Nylander stated that the revision process to-date was neither transparent nor being adhered to, as required. Nylander said that modifications to the ordinance should be done in "real time" at HHDC meetings with members and the public in attendance so that all viewpoints could be taken into consideration openly. Lord stated, as a representative of the Historic District property owners, that the intent and scope of the ordinance needs to be reviewed and discussed, as he has concerns about the impact on owners in the district.


Drasba said that going forward - and only in the review of the Ordinance - that members and alternates will have full voting status.


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Hancock Historic District Commission

Minutes for May 21, 2012


OVERLAY DISTRICT ORDINANCE (cont.): Lord made a motion to have the Overlay Ordinance amended so that the personal rights of District property owners are not unduly curtailed or other hardships created on the owners as a result of this Ordinance.


There were 2 ayes and 6 nays on Lord's motion. The motion was defeated.


ADJOURNMENT: Upon motion by Drasba, the meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM.



Respectfully submitted by:

Dennis Rossiter, Secretary

Hancock Historic District Commission