Hancock Conservation Commission

Meeting Minutes

February 7 2012

Present: Marc DeBanico, Roberta LaPlante, Eric Masterson, Doug Payne, Dave Westaway

Guest, Kurt Grasset


The selectboard has requested that the Conservation Commission be the town liason on issues pertaining to the Antrim Wind project.  The Conservation Commission will ask AWE to keep the Commission notified of the schedule of hearings.

Kurt Grasset reviewed the current status of Class VI roads and Class A trails in Hancock vis a vis maintenance, access, etc.  Members discussed whether to continue monitoring Class VI Roads as a function of the Conservation Commission and decided against.  The Commission delayed a decision on maintenance of Class A trails pending further investigation.

Brian Magoon has requested permission to trap muskrat on the Walcott Property.  The Commission declined the request.

Kaylen Wray, chair of the Conval Conservation Committee contacted the Hancock Conservation Commission to inquire about volunteer opportunities for their volunteer day on April 7th.  The Commission requested that they consider delaying the event for reasons of weather, and that monitoring of Class A trails might be a suitable volunteering opportunity.

The Commission agreed to volunteer to help with the townwide cleaup.  Eric will contact Robin Mose to find out the date.

Meeting adjourned 8:45pm