Meeting Minutes
April 30, 2012, 8:00 pm, Town Offices

Members Attending: Mike Fallon, Pat Fairchild, Allison Kerwin

Others Attending: Kurt Grassett and Carolyn Boland for the Selectboard

Last meeting minutes read and accepted by Mike and Pat.

Discussion on meeting schedule, it will be kept at every 3rd Thursday, or as needed.

The daylily and hosta planting for in front of the Post Office and 17 Main St is on deck, with the money coming from the planting budget. The bandstand project will be done by Mark Schaal and the lawn seeding and fertilizer program will be done by James Stacey.

As part of the Main St Project, a light on the flagpole to illuminate the flag and the church is again being looked at, with a meeting with Mark Spinalli. A non grid system was looked at with the PV on the roof of the bandstand, not acceptable, so now LED lighting will be run underground, (from the bandstand?) which will be environmentally sound because of its low energy consumption.

Mike will be talking to Jerry Gagne about getting a base map or ‘Stewardship plan/map’ for the common. Jerry is Pres. Of Meridian Landservices.

The mower has been replaced, and Kurt was looking for the CC’s contribution for the cost. 50% of the lawns are the cemetery, 25% commons and 25% town offices. Kurt is looking for $1600. to cover the CC share. This can be gotten from the gazebo budget since the warrant article passed, or, from the interest from the Common Trust. The mower will come from…..this was tabled until a later date. (when we have a better idea how our budget will hold out).

Next meeting will be June 21, at the Town Office

Motion for the meeting to be adjourned.

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