Minutes of the Water Commission Meeting

November 23, 2011


Attending:  Joel Chandler, Kurt Grassett, Sean Kerwin, and Linda Coughlan, Recording Secretary


 The meeting began at 4:30 PM.


October Reports –

The commissioners reviewed the October water reports. Kurt said October usage was 1.7 million gallons and added that nothing unusual had occurred during the month. After review, the commissioners signed off on the reports.


DES – On Line Reporting –

Kurt said he had received a letter from DES regarding on line reporting. He said they would have to consider getting DLS connection or entering the information on the computer at his office. Kurt said they might consider having a laptop at Juggernaut but it would have to be a special system because of the environment up there.


Hydrants –

Kurt said he had a call from the salesman that he buys the waterworks supplies from. He said they are offering hydrants for $1,800 which is lower than the normal cost of over $2,000. The consensus of the commissioners was that they should get two hydrants at this price since they plan to replace one a year.


UV Update –

Kurt said he had a copy of the email that was sent to Kelly Ayotte's office regarding the federal requirement of issuing a boil order whenever the hydrants are used. He said because it's a federal regulation, DES doesn't have much leeway. Kurt said if they can't get some consideration, they will have to look at boil orders and consider the negative perception users might have as a result. Kurt said it takes about 3 hours to notify all of the water customers with an approximate cost of $1,000 per boil order. He said it's an ongoing issue and there is no clear answer at this time.


Hancock Water Works Emergency Operations Plan -

Kurt mentioned the Emergency Operations Plan that he had emailed to the commissioners. He said the plan had been updated with new contact names and numbers etc. Sean and Joel said they had both reviewed the plan and had not found any issues with it.  They both signed off on the plan and Kurt said he would call Jeff to stop by and sign the plan next week. 


Asset Management -

Kurt said he had attended a class on Asset Management and one of the recommendations had been reserve balances should be saved for engineer studies and small projects, not for a major project like the UV Disinfection system.  He said the recommendation had been that a project like the UV system should be financed.


Long Range Planning -

Kurt said they should be looking at long term planning regarding the actual costs to operate just the Water Department. He said the use of the highway crew is charged to the water department but the cost of benefits is not included. Kurt said the use of the town vehicle for daily trips to Juggernaut should be included in the water department cost. He said they should also look at short term goals vs. rates. Kurt said they need to look at the level of service and have a plan to replace the water pipe lines, some of which are 100 years old. He suggested that they talk to prior workers on the lines to better piece together the system.  Kurt said he would start working on a spreadsheet over the winter that would address planning and pipeline replacement.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:00 P.M. 


Respectfully submitted,



Linda Coughlan,

Recording Secretary