Minutes of the Water Commission Meeting

September 27th, 2011


Attending:  Kurt Grassett, Sean Kerwin, Joel Chandler, Jeff Wilder and Linda Coughlan, Recording Secretary


4:15 P.M. – Sean called the meeting to order.


August Water Report –

Kurt reported nothing unusual had occurred in the water testing for August. He said the average use was 1.8 million gallons a day.


Beryllium –

Kurt said the issue with beryllium had been determined to be a lab quality control problem and DES has sent a letter that acknowledges this.


DES Sanitary Survey Report –

Kurt said the DES Sanitary Survey Report was recommending back flow prevention. He asked Jeff what his thoughts were regarding this. Jeff said it's probably something that should have been done all along and added that most towns have them in place. He estimated the cost to be around $250 to $300 per house. The Commissioners noted this was a recommendation, not a mandate which they could consider at a later date.


UV – Update –

Kurt said the basis of design report for the UV system had been good for the most part. He said DES will accept off site validation which will be a big savings. They recommend that the commission purchase the equipment but contract an installer for the work. DES would also like the water quality testing to continue for another year to obtain a longer history period.


Dana Primiano Appointment–

Kurt said he had asked Dana Primiano to meet with the commissioners regarding a problem he has been experiencing with water quality over the summer. Dana brought in a water sample for them to look at. He said since he is at the end of the water line he does experience low water pressure. But for the past three or four weeks they have experienced water discoloration. Dana said after speaking to Kurt, he had tried running the water hose for 60 hours over the Labor Day weekend and there was some improvement. But the quality still fluctuates and even a water filter doesn't catch all of the turbidity which could be seen in the water sample.


Kurt said they had a problem like this once before with another customer who had low pressure and he had used an air compressor to resolve it.  Dana asked if he thought a compressor would work for his problem. Kurt said he thought a really large compressor would be needed in the Primiano's case. He did say he had heard of putting in jelly beans into the pipe to try to force out the residue with water which they could try. He said Dana's question to him had been could the town backhoe and workers be used to dig up the shutoff. The consensus of the commissioners was that since this was a unique situation they would be in favor of allowing this.  Kurt said he would check the schedule of the town guys and get back to Dana to set a date. He said he would also try to locate the air chuck he had used in the previous situation.



Kurt mentioned having received a letter from Cynthia Clevens from DES in which she mentioned requiring that a boil water order be implemented whenever there an increase of water pressure from a fire flow or when the hydrants are flushed.  Kurt said when a fire flow or any excess amount of water pressure occurs; it causes the water to bypass the UV filtration system. It would still go through the chlorination process but DES would like a boil order issued until the system returns to full capacity disinfection. Kurt said this needs further discussion and he would like to schedule a meeting with DES, Ray Corbett, Jim Malley and the commissioners if they could attend.  The commissioners were in agreement that they should be included in the meeting.


2012 Budget –

Kurt said he doesn't have the draft budget ready yet but he will email it before the next meeting. He said he would include a cash flow report.


Water Rate and Future Expenses -

The commissioners discussed the cost of the UV project which has been estimated to run around $100,000. There is also the cost of a pump station for water pressure problems to consider at some point as well as the cost of relining the pipes. Kurt said 28% of the system has pipes that are 100 years old and relining them with cement could extend the life. Due to these upcoming expenses, the commissioners will be looking at increasing the water rates to help defray some of the cost. The rates have not been increased in approximately 25 years. The commissioners will discuss this at their next meeting which will be on October 20th at 4:00 P.M.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:25 P.M. 


Respectfully submitted,



Linda Coughlan,

Recording Secretary