Trustees of Trust Funds


December 21, 2011


Minutes of the meeting 12/21/11

Meeting came to order at 9:05 am.

Present: Hunt Dowse, Woody Huntington, Jack Carlson (ill; by phone from residence)

1. Minutes of the 9/1/11 meeting were approved

2. The Elementary School requests were approved
    a. Puppetry Residency: $800
    b. Circus Residency: $2000
    c. Spring 2012 Cornucopia Project: $700

3. The Cemetery requests were approved
    a. Sweeny deed return: $25.00
    b. Maintenance – Common Fund : $2575.00
    c. Maintenance – Expendable Fund: $1214.90
4. The request from the Fire Department for $36,000 from the Helen Brown
    funds for new breathing apparatus was approved with Dowse abstaining.
5. It was noted that a proposal from the investment advisor Mackenson Company
    was received.  No action was deemed necessary at this time.
Meeting adjourned at 9:40 am.



Hunt Dowse



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