DECEMBER 19, 2011


PRESENT:  Carolyn Boland-Acting Chair, John Jordan

                      Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary

  ABSENT:  Roberta LaPlante

 OTHERS:  Kurtis Grassett-DPW Director; Andrew Wood-Police Chief


Boland called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.



Model Study Committee:  Jordan reported the committee is going to the School Board on January 10th with their plan and will then be giving presentations to the Conval towns in time for the town warrants.


Budget and Property:  Jordan reported they were discussing the gymnasium.  The Administration is looking for higher square foot cost than necessary.


Common Commission:  Boland reported the Minutes from the Common Commission stated the Commissioners would like to encumber  the funds that were budgeted for plantings by the Post Office and by Andy Kerwin's, based on the estimate from George Timm.  The plantings were not able to be done in 2011.  The Selectboard approved this encumbrance.


HIGHWAY REPORT:  Grassett reported he has re-worked the Block Grant budget based on the revised revenue figure plus the carryover from2011.  He will need $16,849 from the tar line.  The tar line for 2012 will be reduced by $3,665.  He will take $1,600 to increase the mowing line.  Grassett's plan is to mow one quarter of the town each year with a boom mower that can reach over guard rails and do embankments.


Grassett needs a new plow for the 550 and he is looking for one with a larger discharge chute.  Howard P. Fairfield, LLC has a year old one for $,5,850.  Grassett would like to take $2,500 from the Equipment Fund and $3,350 from the2011 budget.   The Selectboard approved.


 During the computer update earlier in the year one of his software packages wasn't upgraded to Windows 7.  Kurt would like to take $200 to upgrade that software using` some 2011 unexpended funds.  This action was approved by the Selectboard.

Grassett stated it is now decision time for his part time secretary position.   She has been doing data entry and the Standard Operating Guidelines for his department.  Boland and Jordan don't feel he should continue forward another year with that position now that he is fully staffed.   Grassett said the guidelines are important from an employment standpoint.   Grassett pointed out that he has $39,400 unexpended at this point and will need $6,000 for payroll to finish the year.  The Selectboard feel they need to be able to say she is staying in order to complete the one special project.    They gave Grassett an extension for one quarter (13 weeks) to complete the guidelines with the funds to come from the 2011 budget.

Grassett expressed his concern for additional requirements coming forward now that did not exist five to ten years ago.  Boland stated Grassett needs to track these items and the estimated time involved.  



DECEMBER 19, 2011



There are more times when employees are required to be certified for various jobs and these need to be in place in order to obtain grants moving forward.  

The Standard Operating Procedures and standard Operating Guidelines are needed in order for employees to be held partially responsible for some incidents.

Grassett further noted to the Board that maintenance and repair budget will have to increase higher and faster than it is now because the equipment is being kept for a longer period of time.  He is also working on an internal CIP and is generating work orders for everything being done by the town crew.  The work done internally is a financial savings but also takes the employees away from doing road work.

The 2001 International is ten years old. It has been evaluated and will need $6,000 to$7,000 to fix it versus $135,000 to $150,000  to replace it.  Grassett would like to move toward 18 to 20 years for some of the equipment.  He feels to pay 1/3 of the cost of a new one to extend the life of the piece of equipment by 50% is a fair trade.  If takes more to extend the life then it is too risky.  The loader to be replaced will be over 20 years old when it is done.

Caverly brought forth the issue of a tree that fell over and is laying across the brook on the Johnson property.  This is causing some backup of water into an abutter's basement.  Grassett noted the tree is out of the town right of way and is in wetland.   He feels it could be cut on dry land and hauled out of the wetland.  Caverly will try to reach some of the family to determine if they have a way they wish to handle it,

Grassett has spoken with Jarvis and Marcia Coffin regarding the status of Tombstone Territory.  He  is unsure what Nancy Boyce,owner of the right of way, would allow to be done with the road.  Another check will be to determine if the Historic District needs to be contacted for road work.  The Inn and the Library have the larger share of the use of the road.  Boland said everyone on the road should share in the cost to maintain.  The Town equipment needs to be kept off the road.

POLICE REPORT:  Chief Wood reported he received a letter stating that the Honda is now officially owned by the town.  Wood will have it registered and insured .  He currently doesn't know for certain how he will use it – going to court, traveling to training sites are two potential uses.  He will get back to the Selectboard with ways he would consider it being used.  The Selectboard did state the  townspeople have been very specific they do not want to see a third cruiser.  Boland stated no extra funds ware to go into the vehicle.  Wood needs to document a cost effective use for it.  If it becomes a maintenance issue then he will need to dispose of it.

Wood contacted Irwin Motors in Laconia and a dealership in Massachusetts who are dealing with the police vehicles.  He had a list of options that he received from Irwin and he went on to explain the bidding process for the cruisers.   The cost of the SUV with limited options is $25,768.  The base cost was $29,705 and the dealer cost $28,148.  Wood then noted the cost of some of the options to be included as well as the destination and delivery charge.  The price for the SUV with listed options will be $25,768.  Wood went on to tell what company is will work with for the cruiser lighting.  He is not interested in a lot of graphics on the vehicle.  Wood does have an opportunity to purchase a demo light bar for one half its original price.  The Selectboard approved the purchase of the light bar from the Police Equipment Fund.  The fund will be reimbursed from the sale of the old cruiser.


DECEMBER 19, 2011



Wood will give the Selectboard a listing of the add-ons plus the basic vehicle for use in working up the warrant article.

There was some discussion on how to dispose of the Expedition and where the money from its disposition will go.

On another topic, Wood again stated he would like to purchase two AED units for the cruisers, at $750 each plus new batteries for the current AED.  He would like to mount the one currently in the cruiser in the Town Office in a public area accessible during daytime and evening use of the building.  He will bring in paperwork showing prices for various mounting options.  The Selectboard approved the purchase of the two.

The parking issue that occurred during the concert on Sunday afternoon was raised, that the mail truck was unable to get into the loading dock to pick up the mail.  The Board asked that the Police on duty are more aware of parking issues during concerts.  Wood suggested making the loading dock a Tow Away Zone.  Wood stated he will talk with the Postmaster and those involved with the concert to come up with a way for ways to warn people initially.

ADJOURNED:  Jordan moved to adjourn at 5:20 p.m.  Unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,


Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary