DECEMBER 5, 2011


PESENT:  Roberta LaPlante-Chair, Carolyn Boland, John Jordan – Selectboard

                     Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary


 OTHERS:  Kurtis Grassett-DPW Director; Andrew Wood-Police Chief


LaPlante called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.  Jordan moved to accept the Minutes of December 28th, seconded by Boland, unanimously approved.



 Budget and Property:  Jordan reported still no decision on the gymnasium proposals.  It is important that the voters attend the deliberative session.  The Conval budget is up 3.05% and the revenues are down causing the proposed district assessment to be up 6.41%.  The place for voter impact is at the deliberative session.


ANTRIM WIND FARM:  The Selectboard has received a letter on behalf of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers inviting the town to participate in a project relative to the Antrim Wind Energy Project.  The Selectboard does not feel it appropriate for Hancock to become involved because it will not impact Hancock.


TOWN REPORT:  The Selectboard will hold off on a final decision until next week because they want to see samples (by Wednesday) from CPI first.


PERNER DRAINAGE:  The Selectboard has reviewed a memo received from Kurt Grassett that referenced the history of the whole issue.  The Board feels the town does not have any responsibility in this matter.


COMMON COMISSION:  Caverly inquired of the Selectboard whether they wish to meet with the Common Commissioners to discuss their budget.  They do not feel they need to at this time as their budget is in line with past years. 


STEPHANIE CLARKE:  There has been no reply to several requests for return of paperwork to confirm whether the business is a home based business and to determine the need to go before the Zoning Board of Adjustment.  The Board asked that the Code Enforcement Officer be sent to discuss the issue with her.



CRUISER WARRANT:  The Selectboard wants to see a more detailed explanation of how the funds being asked for in the cruiser warrant article will be dispersed, i.e. the vehicle itself plus the various pieces of new equipment anticipated to be purchased.


Budget:  LaPlante feels the increase for Police Secretary is acceptable but she would like to see the part time budget line remain the same.  Boland and Jordan agreed.


The Board would like to see the "Stray Dogs" and "Animal Control" lines in the police budget combined into one line of $300.



DECEMBER 5, 2011



HEALTH INSURANCE:  Boland stated she feels the employees' contribution to their health insurance should increase to 7.5% in 2012.  The step wage increase and the increase in the employee's share of health results in approximately a $4,000 net increase to the town.


HEAT:  Boland expressed concern regarding the HEAT Committee's Solar Hot Water project questioning whether it is a town activity or an activity for individuals.  HEAT cannot commit the Town to this type of project without the Town's approval.  The Plymouth area renewable energy has been very successful.


Nothing has been done with the Education Program HEAT was planning to do.  The Selectboard feels they should follow up on this.  Jordan stated he will be attending the next HEAT meeting and will check on some of the Selectboard's questions and concerns.  Jordan also suggested HEAT and the Fire Department may want to consider having displays at the Vestry during the Winter Frolic.


ADMINISTRATIVE BUDGET:  Caverly reviewed the Town Administration budget with the Selectboard.  There is a question of whether the bookkeeper may take over processing the payroll in the future.  Caverly will speak with Sheila about this.


HIGHWAY REPORT:  Grassett reported that work on the 2005 International came in higher than anticipated, at a total of $5,000.  The valve alone was over $2,000.   He will be $4,300 over budget on that line; overall he has $47,000 remaining  minus $13,000 still to pay out on payroll.  This amount could flex some depending on the weather between now and the end of the year.


MAIN STREET:  Grassett told the Selectboard if the town just accepts the $5,000 from HCC as the final payment coupled with Meridian's $5,000 he will have just over $15,000 to cover the shim work, clean the damaged floors, repair the drainage areas, fix the concrete by the Post Office and replace the 6 trees for $13, 563.  The drains are at School Street, Tombstone Territory Road and at the road to the old Fire Station.  The Selectboard agreed to take the HCC offer as recommended by Grassett and to sign the releases.  Grassett will handle.  Town Counsel agreed with this decision provided the town can cover their costs.


Grassett noted the problems that have arisen with this project have not been lost on him and that, in the future, he would hold a 10% retainage.


Bids to fix the drains came in at $4,800 from Mathewson Companies and $2,300 from Landsite.  Grassett would like to use Landsite.  The Selectboard supported this decision.  Reporting on the floor cleaning, Grassett stated the Hancock Market has been done, the library carpet is scheduled for next week and Fiddleheads Café will wait until later.


TOMBSTONE TERRITORY ROADGrassett said he has had another call regarding maintenance on Tombstone Territory Road.  He proceeded to review the action over the past several years – the Library asked the town to make an area behind the library for five cars to park.  The next year the library asked to increase the number of parking areas and they split the cost of maintenance on the road.  Now they have stopped paying a share of the cost to maintain the road.  Deterioration of the road increased when the Inn closed their separate driveway several years ago.  Grassett stated he cannot maintain the road


DECEMBER 5, 2011



properly because he hasn't got the proper equipment for that area.  LaPlante noted the town is now encouraging town parking in that area.


It was suggested there now needs to be a meeting of the owners of the Hancock Inn, the Library and the residents of Tombstone Territory to create a road agreement.  The best solution would be to pave just past the entrance to the library parking.   Boland suggested the need to research the Inn's use of that road.  The Selectboard agree they should move forward with calling a meeting.


OLD DUBLIN ROAD:  Grassett reported he had to start with the State DOT for state bridge aid to replace the culvert on Old Dublin Road.  Holden Engineering has a culvert rehab person coming down to look at the existing culvert.  The town may need to hire an engineering firm to justify re-lining the existing culvert and extend the outlet side to make it safe.  That could cost $50,000 to $60,000 but Grassett doesn't know if that would be eligible for state Bridge Aid.  A re-line would be with HDPE.


The Longview Road Bridge is the next one needing work first.  The financing is to be determined as Grassett works on the numbers.  If there are funds at the end of the year to be moved into the reserve fund he would like to do so.


MEETINGHOUSE CHAIR LIFT:  Grassett brought forth the topic of the chair lift that needs to be replaced.  To date almost one half of the amount needed has been raised.   He mentioned how Mary Covington brought up the question as to whether the town could consider contributing.  Grassett asked if the Selectboard would consider restricting any of the balance remaining in the Town Building account at the end of the year for this purpose.  He questioned whether the Selectboard can or is interested in doing so.  It was stated the town doesn't use that space on a regular basis.  However, the stair lift goes into the narthex upstairs, not directly into the church portion.  Also, it would stay with the building if the church ever moved out.


The other suggestion was for a warrant article to be brought to town meeting asking that the balance remaining be used in that manner.  Caverly will check with LGC Legal Inquiries as to what can be done.


UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANK:  The underground storage tank at the Town Office Building has to have double lined pipe by December 2015.  The cost to pull the tank and put two 330 gallon tanks in the basement will run $7,000 to $10,000.  This could be done in 2013 or 2014 but must be done prior to December 2015.


GENERATOR RFP:  The Selectboard agreed with Grassett's draft RFP for the generator maintenance for all town owned generators.  He and Caverly will determine the date for the opening and then publish the notice.



NON PUBLIC:  NON PUBLIC:  Jordan moved to go into nonpublic session at 5:45 p.m. under RSA 91-A: 3,ll(b) to discuss the hiring of a person as a public employee; seconded by Boland; vote:  LaPlante-aye, Boland-aye, Jordan-aye.



DECEMBER 5, 2011



Upon coming out of nonpublic, Jordan moved to seal the Minutes; Boland seconded; unanimously approved.


Grassett proceeded to report he has one applicant whom he feels is a valued candidate for a position and would like to work with him.


Grassett reported everything is going well at the Dump at the current time. 


MEETINGS:  There will be no meeting on December 26th as that is the official Holiday.  The Selectboard will meet on January 2, 2012 although that is the New Year's holiday.  Everyone was agreeable to that meeting.


ADJOURNED:  The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary