NOVEMBER 28, 2011


PRESENT:  Roberta LaPlante-Chair, Carolyn Boland, John Jordan – Selectboard

                       Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary


 OTHERS:  Bruce Bowler-Amherst Selectman; Bruce Berry-Amherst DPW Director;

                       Kurtis Grassett-DPW Director; Nevan Cassidy-Fire Chief; Jeff Wilder-Recreation

                       Chair; Andrew Wood-Police Chief


LaPlante opened the meeting at 4:00 p.m.  Jordan moved to accept the Minutes of November 7th and November 21st; seconded by Boland, unanimously approved.


Bruce Bowler and Bruce Berry were then welcomed to the meeting.  Bowler read a letter from the Amherst Selectboard thanking Kurt Grassett and his crew for assisting the town of Amherst in chipping and clearing brush in the aftermath of the blizzard.  They were very appreciative of the assistance and stated that help aided them in opening schools earlier and allowing people to be stranded in neighborhoods for a shorter period of time.  Furthermore, Bowler stated they would be happy to return the favor if Hancock ever needs assistance.


GENERATOR BID:  LaPlante opened the one bid for the generator and propane tank submitted by Doug Maillet of Mason.  Jordan moved to accept the bid in the amount of $1,800; seconded by Boland; unanimously approved.



Building and Grounds job description:  LaPlante noted that under the "Physical Exertion" section of the job description there should be an added requirement that the person must be able to lift up to 75 pounds.

Grassett went on to note he has three applications for the new position which he is reviewing.  He will bring his recommendation back to the Selectboard next week.

Perner drainage ditch:  Grassett stated there are multiple issues regarding that ditch line.  He would like to put together a memo with the other data he has relative to the groundwater table.  It was also noted the catch basins and road debris are cleaned up on an annual basis.  Nothing has changed to increase the flow in that location.  It is the same drainage that was installed in the 1970's.  Grassett will bring the memo into the next meeting.

FIRE DEPARTMENT:  Chief Cassidy presented the Fire Department budget for 2012.  He took the time to note the 2011 actual hours came in lower than projected. 

Brief discussion of ambulance service was discussed and Cassidy noted there is no way the town of Hancock can operate an ambulance service at this time.

Cassidy mentioned there are some new federal regulations coming along that will impact the public water system if the water flow is spiked by the Fire Department or some other occurrence.    No further discussion was held on that issue because it does not impact this year's Fire Department budget.


NOVEMBER 28, 2011



Cassidy then reviewed the line items in the budget:

•       Fuels:  the numbers were obtained from Grassett

•      Training is being kept up in-house and with certified outside training personnel

•      New members are Marc Mosher and Devon Skerry

•      Mutual Aid dispatch services may increase by $600-$700 when Keene Mutual Aid takes over the building.


LaPlante asked if there were any warrant articles anticipated.  Cassidy said there would be an article for approximately $35,000 to repair the old tanker.  This should enable it to last several more years.


The air packs have reached the end of their lives.  They have four new bottles but there are some problems with the face masks.  The department is trying to fix five or six that will be certified.  Firemen cannot attend training unless they have certified air packs.  They are looking into the cost of new ones and may work with the Trustees of Trust funds to purchase four new air packs at a cost of approximately $4,300 per pack.  They would then purchase additional ones over the course of the next few years so as to avoid the same problem of them all becoming obsolete the same year.


Truck replacement was being considered for every five years but they are now stretching to six years per truck.  The life of a truck was considered to be 20 years.  Hancock has been able to move that out on some of the equipment by doing certain repairs.


When asked about the potential cell tower Cassidy stated they gave up on that because of some opposition.  They now plan to put up one for themselves that would cost $4,000 which would be covered by the Fire Association funds.  This tower would be 90 feet.


RECREATION DEPARTMENT:  Jeff Wilder came forward to review the Recreation budget for 2012.  Some new lines have been added to help clarify some of the expenses, one being the separation of beach wages and Summer Recreation Program wages as well as supplies for the beach, Summer Recreation and Moose Brook.  It was decided to take $500 from the Recreation Special Revenue Fund for beach equipment and reduce the budget line to $1,000.  The $500 would represent the donation from Cynthia Pond to be used for beach upkeep.  The only cost currently associated with the Moose Brook field use is for line paint.  A future consideration will be for "Use" fees to be deposited to the appropriate Special Revenue Fund.   Boland is not in favor of this action at the present time.  It needs more research and review of the wording in the Special Revenue funds.


POLICE REPORT:  Chief Wood met with the Board to update them on the accident involving the cruiser.  He reported the other person's insurance company is trying to claim the town is 20% at fault.  Wood is trying to determine why the town is partially at fault and has asked for a written explanation. He cited statutes that clearly show otherwise.  The cruiser has been repaired at a cost of $1,596.23. 

Wood will be in contact with the Town's insurance company this week.



  Jordan reported on his 2-hour meeting with the Budget and Property Committee.  They discussed three alternatives for the gymnasium running from $3.8 M to $3.2 M.



NOVEMBER 28, 2011



The Model Study Committee will be meeting November 29th.  Jordan noted SAC is becoming a good vehicle for getting the towns' opinions to the School Board.


Historic District Commission:  LaPlante reported they have almost completed the Rules of Procedure.


TOWN REPORT:  The Selectboard would like to see a sample copy of a town report printed by CPI before they make their final decision.


Respectfully submitted,




Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary