November 7, 2011


PRESENT:  Roberta LaPlante-Chair; Carolyn Boland, John Jordan – Selectboard

                      Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary


 OTHERS:  Kurt Grassett-DPW Director


LaPlante called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.  Jordan moved to accept the Minutes of October 31, 2011; seconded by Boland; unanimously approved.


NON PUBLIC:  At 4:00 p.m. Jordan moved to go into nonpublic session for the purposes of discussing a resignation received pursuant to RSA 91-A:3,ll (c); seconded by Boland; roll call vote:  LaPlante-aye, Boland-aye, Jordan-aye.


The Selectboard came out of nonpublic session at 4:06 p.m.


LIAISON REPORTS:  Planning Board:  Boland reported on the Planning Board's discussion about small buildings that do not require a building permit but have become somewhat of a problem to the Building Inspector and Town Office.  It was decided to place an article in the December Hancock Happenings reminding people that  although permits are not required, they are required to meet all codes.


Another topic raised was an initial inquiry from a person considering purchasing the 37 Main Street  property and raising goats for the purpose of making goat cheese.  There was also some interest in putting in a third apartment but Hancock's zoning only allows two apartments.  The Planning Board noted there are steps she would need to take and regulations she would need to comply with.


SAU:  Jordan reported the major Conval budget meeting will be held Saturday, November 12th at Conval.


Conservation Commission:  LaPlante reported she and David Westaway attended the NH Association for Conservation Commission's annual meeting.  They felt there was a lot of good material and it was well presented.   It was also noted the Shoreland Protection has undergone some changes as of July 2011.


DPW REPORT:  LaPlante reported to Grassett that Cathy Roper tendered her resignation this afternoon, effective November 19th.  Grassett stated he will proceed to determine what will be needed for a replacement to this position. 


Grassett said he may need to look at moving to a full time position and including some building maintenance to the position.  Boland agreed it may be time to look for a full time person who will be more committed than a part time person would be. This has been a topic that has come up periodically over the past few years but was put on hold.  It seems that maybe the time has come to move forward with it.    Another portion of that will be to determine whether four ten-hour days may work better.


Fire station:  Grassett reported the new gas furnace was installed and an electronic thermostat was installed.  However, this was done on an old system and it failed.  He said it is not the installer's problem.  He contacted Sanford, who deals with HVAC, and he came in to diagnose the problem and determined what is needed.  The cost to repair would be $1,405 for the new parts that will be needed-thermostats, controls and dampers.


NOVEMBER 7, 2011



The Building Maintenance budget still has some unused accounts to he would like to use for this repair.  This company will do a yearly maintenance program that gives discounts, for $120 per year.  Grassett would also like to include the air conditioning at the Town Office under this plan.


Building Efficiencies was the contractor and subbed the work out.  The owner was disappointed the subcontractor didn't address the issue so he will pay for the initial service call.


Floor Cleaning:  Grassett reported he met with Jerry Gagne from Meridian Land Services and explained the discussions that were held with our attorney.  Gagne offered to help with the payment for the floor cleaning.  The town is asking for an additional $5,000 payment from the bonding company.  Grassett would like to have the cleaning company get started.  The library has asked if they could use their regular rug cleaning company to do the work there.  Grassett is amenable to that if the price comes in equal to or less than his quoted price.  Sherry would like to wait until winter to do the Fiddleheads floors, when it is quieter because she will need to close for that period of time.  The Hancock Market would like to have their floors done now.  The cost to do the floors is $3,300 with $1,200 coming from the bond.  Up to $5,000 is coming from Meridian Land Services for the drainage so there will be funds to cover the cost.  The Selectboard has given Grassett approval to start.


LCHIP:  Boland reported the committee met with Liz Hengen and Steve Bedard to discuss gthe present concerns of the committee regarding the report they received initially.  Liz did offer a 10% reduction when the committee noted how much material was actually made available to them by the Committee, thus alleviating them of several hours of research. The Committee countered with a reduction of $1,000 bringing the cost to $14,000.  The church will be cutting a check and the town will cut one for their portion.  Grassett will turn the information over to LCHIP for reimbursement.


It was noted that Pastor Judy Copeland reported people keep asking for the report because of the long term impact of the information.


HOSLEY ROAD:  Jordan recused himself from his position on the Selectboard in order to participate with Grassett in this discussion.  A resident of the road has plans to do some major renovations and asked to have confirmation that he wasn't encroaching on the town right-of-way and run the risk of having the town ask him to move the structure back at a later date.  The original layout of the road in 1952 was for a roadway 300 feet long and 32 feet wide.  Grassett and Jordan looked the situation over and because of a lack of any further data on the layout, they measured 16 feet each side of the middle of the pavement.  Their best estimate is that the center of the road is the center of the right of way.  This determination permitted Grassett and Jordan to determine the home in question sits approximately 6 feet back from the right of way, thus no encroachment exists within the right of way.


The next step is to legalize this determination. Kurt will make a call to LGC e to determine what process is needed.  Grassett and the Selectboard feel there should be an official record that the center of the road is the center of the right of way.  This means all the existing homes can remain as is without any encroachments.




NOVEMBER 7, 2011



COMMITTEE APPOINTMENT:  The Selectboard received a letter from Phil Brown expressing his interest in becoming a member of the Conservation Commission.  Jordan moved to appoint Phil Brown as a full member of the Conservation Commission, with a three-year term.  Seconded by Boland and unanimously approved.


SIGNING:  The Selectboard approved the check registers, signed an Intent to Cut for Donald Trow and signed accepting the deed to the Jonathan Wallace property on Forest Road.


Caverly will move forward to obtain amounts due from all sources related to the auction of the property, including the auctioneer and his timeframe.


NONPUBLIC:    At 5:00 p.m. Boland moved to go into nonpublic session for the purposes of discussing issues related to personnel; seconded by Jordan; vote:  LaPlante-aye, Boland-aye, Jordan-aye.


Respectfully submitted,



Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary