OCTOBER 31, 2011


PRESENT:  Roberta LaPlante-Chair, Carolyn Boland, John Jordan – Selectboard

                      Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary


 OTHERS:  Kristen Vance, Siobhan Martin-The Grapevine; Andrew Wood-Police Chief;

                      Kurt Grassett-DPW Director


LaPlante opened the meeting at 4:00 p.m.  Jordan moved to accept the Minutes of October 24th, seconded by Boland.


LaPlante welcomed Vance and Martin to the table.  Vance stated they asked to meet with the Selectboard to update them on the activities of The Grapevine and explain the request for an increase in funding for 2012.  She noted there has been no request for an increase since 2005.  They have lost their revenue from the State.  Vance and Martin did note they are working on some new strategies.


Vance then reviewed the sheet showing Hancock's participation in the various programs available to the residents.  She said the numbers of participants are not duplicated on the list, they are all separate individuals. 


LaPlante noted they have asked Hancock for increased funding even though fewer Hancock people participate than from some of the other communities and asked why.  Boland questioned that, as well.  Vance stated that it is based on the population originally used when the program was set up.  LaPlante suggested they have it more equitable among the towns.  Vance stated she hasn't done that because she expects the participation numbers to fluctuate. 


LaPlante stated she has given a lot of thought to the funding question and noted the fuel assistance and wood bank programs are two where Hancock's participation is low.  


Vance stated some of the programs have sliding scale fees.  The wood bank doesn't cost much but they co-ordinate and establish contacts through the various programs.  She noted people often come for one program and then discover some of the other programs they could avail themselves of.  A lot of the volunteers are also users of the programs.


LaPlante said the Selectboard will review the request with the Budget Advisory Committee.   She noted The Grapevine's request is for 1/3 more and comes at a time when the town is trying to keep everything as flat as possible.  She did feel that someone speaking at the Town Meeting does help with support of the warrant article.


Vance reported the Kindergarten After Care program held at the Hancock Elementary School is going well.  The people involved in the program this year are interested in working to help keep it financially sustainable for years to come.


POLICE REPORT:  Chief Wood updated the Selectboard on some of his current budget issues.  He noted the part time and overtime funding is almost totally expended for 2011.  He is changing the schedule back to 8-hour shifts, five days on and two days off as well as tightening the shifts.  All overtime will have to be approved by the Chief first.


The fuel line will be over budget but there is not much that can be done about that.  He has asked the officers to do more stationary patrols for now.   Wood noted LaPlante met with him about these items but Wood stated he was already planning these actions.


The SUV is running poorly and will need to rebuild the catalytic converters.  Wood related the issues he had with plugs and coils.  


LaPlante asked Boland and Jordan if they agreed with the move to the 8-hour shift schedule and they did.


LIAISON REPORTS:  ZBA:  Jordan reported the Gibson Pewter hearing was conducted very well by the Board of Adjustment.


OCTOBER 31, 2011


Conval Model Study committee:  Jordan reported on Superintendent Bergeron's plan that includes closing some elementary schools and moving various grades to other schools. 


Property subcommittee:  Jordan reported Banwell is working well with the committee.


HISTORIC DISTRICT:  LaPlante reported several members were absent so they didn't want to work on the Rules of Procedure.  However, they will continue work on the Rules November 8th, after they review an application from the Hancock Inn.


NON PUBLIC:  At 4:45 p.m. Boland moved to go into nonpublic session for the purposes of discussing a matter which, if discussed in public, would likely affect adversely the reputation of a person who is not a member of this body pursuant to RSA 91-A:3,ll (c); seconded by Jordan; roll call vote:  LaPlante-aye, Boland-aye, Jordan-aye.


Upon returning to public session at 4:55 p.m. Jordan moved to seal the Minutes; seconded by Boland, unanimously approved.


DPW REPORT:  Grassett gave an update on the filling of the full time position on his crew.


PSNH:  Grassett reiterated the concerns he has had with PSNH's response to reported live wires in town for the past two storms.  He has contacted Sue Blothenburg of PSNH with these concerns. 


COMPLAINT:  The Selectboard has received a complaint from a resident regarding the parking of logging equipment on a neighbor's property and in view of the complainant's property.   Caverly will pursue.


EMPLOYEE EVALUATIONS:  Jordan stated he would like to have a clear understanding with all three of the Selectboard members before they start their evaluation process.  They will discuss this at the end of their next meeting.


ADJOURNED:  Boland moved to adjourn at 5:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary