OCTOBER 17, 2011


PRESENT:  Roberta LaPlante-Chair, Carolyn Boland, John Jordan-Selectboard

                       Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary


 OTHERS:  Andrew Wood-Police Chief, Kurtis Grassett-DPW Director


LaPlante called the meeting to order at 4:00 P.M.    She then called for acceptance of the Minutes of October 3, 2011.  Jordan moved to accept the Minutes of October 3, 2011; seconded by Boland, unanimously approved.


Chief Wood met with the Selectboard briefly to notify them of a minor accident with the cruiser, caused when an individual backed into it in Antrim.    Wood also noted the SUV has had some issues with plugs and has had some work done to fix that issue.



Planning Board:  Boland reported they worked on the budget for 2012.


SAU:  Jordan reported he attended the SAU meeting.


ZBA:  Jordan reported the ZBA voted to rehear the Jonathan and Camille Gibson request for a Special Exception for a Home Based Business at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 26, 2011.


Budget & Property:  Jordan reported the committee had asked for proposals for design work, to be done by Banwork Architects, on the Conval High gymnasium.  The charge to do this will be $16,000 so the committee will be asking the SAU for the funding.  The committee has been working with the new principal and with the physical education director to determine what needs to be done.


2012 Old Home Day:  LaPlante reported she has learned from Lexy Heatley that the new committee is ready to move forward.  LaPlante and Kristen Bernier will be meeting with the new committee to hand over last year's books.  Caverly asked for a membership list for the new committee.


HANNA LETTER:  The Selectboard received a letter from Attorney Thomas Hanna regarding the Gibson ZBA case.  The Selectboard has referred the letter to Town Counsel.



Transfer Station:  Grassett brought in a copy of the revisions made to the Transfer Station and Recycling Facility Standard Operating Guidelines for the Selectboard to review.


FEMA Reimbursement:  Hillsborough County was not eligible for FEMA funds as a result of hurricane Irene; however there was an option of applying for pre-storm funding from FEMA.  The town's expenses were minimal and would only yield about $750 for many hours of work to complete the request.  The Selectboard agreed it was not worth Grassett's time to complete the required forms for that amount of money.


Maintenance Bond on Main Street project:  Grassett reported there will be a meeting on Thursday, October 20th, at 10:30 at the Meridian Land Services office.  The meeting will be a conference call with


 OCTOBER 17, 2011



Jim Thompson of Cashin, Spinelli, & Ferretti, LLC and will cover four issues:  chip seal, surety on the trees, the infiltration system and the sidewalk.  Grassett would like to have the bond extended for another year to make sure the pipe into the infiltration basin doesn't fail.


Speed Table:  The speed table is scheduled for removal this week, weather permitting.


Meetinghouse:  Grassett asked Boland to speak on the issue for the committee.  She stated the committee doesn't feel the work done for the LCHIP grant  justifies the price.  Further, the report was not completed on time (scheduled completion for January 2011, actual completion September 2011).  Part of the RFP called for drawings to be submitted.  These did not have to be done because ones done by Architect David Drasba were used.  The committee felt there should be a price adjustment to acknowledge the value of this contribution.   There was a misunderstanding on the part of the consultant whose RFP was accepted and she thought the committee was asking for her price to be reduced by the full value of the drawings she used, which equaled about 1/3 of her total price.  This was not what was being asked, it was, rather, that some adjustment be made to the final price.  A meeting will be forthcoming between the committee and the Historic Preservation Consultant.  The consultant tried to involve the LCHIP person but LCHIP is not involved in this – they are only the funding portion.


NON PUBLIC:  At 4:20 p.m. Jordan moved to go into nonpublic session to discuss the hiring of an employee pursuant to RSA 91-A:3,ll (a); seconded by Boland; roll call vote:  LaPlante-aye, Boland-aye, Jordan-aye.


Upon returning to public session at 4:43 p.m. Jordan moved to seal the Minutes; seconded by Boland, unanimously approved.


HEAT:  The HEAT committee needs to be contacted relative to the membership of the committee.   Any people interested in joining the committee should send the Selectboard a note so stating; the Selectboard will make the final appointments.  There is some concern on the part of the Selectboard relative to some of the committee's  potential projects.  The Selectboard is considering rethinking their charge to HEAT.  The Board does support some of their education proposals in terms of providing information to individual homeowners.  Jordan will speak with the committee at their next meeting.


ADJOURNED:  Boland moved to adjourn at 5:05 p.m.; seconded by Jordan, unanimously approved.


Respectfully submitted,




Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary