July 18, 2011



PRESENT:  Roberta LaPlante-Chair, Carolyn Boland, John Jordan-Selectboard

                       Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary

 OTHERS:  Kurtis Grassett-DPW Director, Andrew Wood-Police Chief, David

                      Anderson-Monadnock LedgerTranscript reporter


LaPlante called the meeting to order at 4:04 p.m.  Jordan moved to accept the Minutes of July 11, 2011; seconded by Boland.  Caverly noted the correction due on the Minutes of June 27th had not been made last week.  The correction was to read:  The Selectboard supports Grassett's idea of closing the eastern end of the parking area in front of the Town Office.  The Common Commission also supports this proposal.



Conval Model Study Committee:  Jordan reported this committee is studying the ratio of personnel to students in the district.   The committee intends to report to the School Board in October and possibly report to the voters in March 2012.  Meantime, the committee will be meeting with various departments within the Conval district.


Old Home Day Committee:  LaPlante reported they are continuing to meet weekly to coordinate and plan the various activities.


Historic District Commission:  LaPlante reported the Coffin Ventures application was approved for a replacement copper  chimney and a fence on the east side to hide a generator, exhaust fan and propane tanks.


HIGHWAY REPORT:  Grassett reported the Army Corps of Engineers will be doing some maintenance cutting at the Windy Row Bridge, a set distance from the rip rap – basically the top of the hillside – and are requesting a driveway permit on the Hancock side of the bridge.  Upon completion of the project they will put bank run gravel on the edge of the road, will re-seed the area and will place rocks so as to prevent vehicles from accessing their roadway.  Grassett asked the Board to waive the required bond for driveways.  Jordan moved to waive the bond, Boland seconded, unanimously approved.


The Army Corps will notify the neighbors of the work they will be doing, as well as the emergency services personnel.


WALKING TOUR:  At 4:15 p.m. LaPlante, Jordan, Wood, Grassett, Anderson and Caverly took a walking tour to view the area in front of the Adams Apartment house for parking issues.  It was noted that the rocks along the town right of way, in front of the  apartment house should be removed.  The mostly dead tree behind the rocks is due to be replaced.  When done, the new tree will be placed closer to the road and the grass will be moved out a bit more toward the travel lane.  This work will give clear indication that parking will not be permitted along that stretch of Main Street.  Both Grassett and Wood agree there is not sufficient footage in that location now for a vehicle to legally park.





JULY 18, 2011



In an effort to reduce the number of parking related signs, it was suggested that signs be placed at the entrance to town on Routes 123, 137 and Forest Road stating parking is allowed in designated places only. 


Grassett reported the area in front of the Fallons and Hatabs will be obvious areas of no parking once he has finished the work on the grass area between the sidewalk and roadway.  When that has been completed the current sign will be removed.


Anderson asked Wood how people would know some areas are not suitable for parking.  Wood said parking related signs have held up in court.


The town's Parking Ordinance could be strengthened.  LaPlante stated she will initially look it over for any potential changes.


Jordan made note that the edge of the grass equates to curbing relative to parking.   It was further noted that Main Street is a major safety area.


As discussion of parking continued it was determined people can continue parking by the horse sheds, behind the Meetinghouse.  Caverly asked where vehicles with boat trailers should park as there is no room in the beach parking area for them and they are usually not local residents. Grassett and Wood said they should go behind the Town Office. 


HIGHWAY 6-MONTH BUDGET REVIEW:  Grassett proceeded to review his budgets at the six-month point starting with the Town Buildings Account.  He noted the #2 fuel line will be lacking about $7,000.  Two school districts and five towns have met to review the current fuel rates which are found to be running in the $3.69 to $3.89 range.  The 2011 budgeted figure was $2.29.


Propane should remain within budget through December as it is only 75 % expended at this time.


The Fire Station propane will be considerably over budget.  The snow load raised some problems with the line to the gas furnace.  There are also problems with the gas stove in the kitchen.  It needs to be determined whether to repair or replace the stove.  Grassett will be checking with Allen and Mathewson before making a final decision.


The balance of the Town Buildings account is within budget with the exception of ÒsuppliesÓ.

The flashing around the Town Office chimney needs to be repaired.  Grassett is looking into it.  He will be looking at the preschool bathrooms this week.


The garage doors for the Police Station are on order.


Grassett is waiting for Target, New England to look at the slate problems on the Meetinghouse in order to know what needs to be done and the cost to do it.




JULY 18, 2011



Highway budget:  The maintenance and repairs line is already 56% expended with most of that being used on the three oldest piece of equipment, the loader, the F550 and the International at a cost of $6,600.  The work has been done in-house saving the town several thousand additional dollars.  Boland stated she would like Grassett to track the financial savings that occurred by doing the work in-house.  This is beneficial information for budget season.


The ÒUnallocatedÓ line has an unanticipated expenditure of $700 to replace a floor jack.


The diesel fuel is now at 71.3% expended.  The budget was $2.65 and the latest delivery was $3.33.  Usage is over by 500 gallons because of the excessive winter plowing.  Grassett encumbered $8,000 from 2010 and may use that to get into December.  Discussions will be needed at budget time to bring this line under control as it directly relates to level of service.


The ÒUniformÓ line should drop with the changes that have been made.


Bridge account:   Grassett noted the $1,726 expended on the Windy Row Bridge will come from the Bridge Capital Reserve.  He will be requesting the funds from the Trustees of Trust Funds.


Transfer/Recycling account:  The trash hauling is currently under budget at 47.5% expended.  The equipment maintenance line has been hit hard and is over by $883 with yet another repair on the baler.

Motors are being burned out.  Grassett stated he should be able to get one to one and a half years from a single phase motor.  The floor scale broke down early in the year and it will not be repaired again.  The Demolition line is under budget at 46.8% expended but the income is not matching the expense side.


The Recycling is on par and he just shipped 3/4 of a load of tin cans.  Scrap metal has dropped but there may be increases in other areas to hold close to budgeted income.


In another area, Grassett stated he would like to look at offsetting heating costs at the highway barn with use of a pellet stove.  He would also like to look at the possibility of a pellet boiler at the Town Office.  The flu issues would need to be worked out.  He feels the town needs to start looking at alternative energies for a better payback.


A full year of heating will be needed before it can be determined how the weatherization program currently under way has helped the fuel usage in those buildings.


Grassett spoke to Tim Allen of Allen and Mathewson regarding the bill for the generator work and they were corrected.  The propane tank at the Town Office will need to be upgraded.  Once that has been done, the old generator may be offered for sale with the old propane tank.


Weatherization:  The weatherization project is on target.  Grassett has now contacted the painters to place the Grange Hall (Post Office) on their list of places to do.





JULY 18, 2011



POLICE REPORT:  Chief Wood noted the rope swing is not a major issue at the moment.  He suggested letting it continue as is for awhile.  He is encouraging those people to park at the Town Office.  The whole issue seems to be correcting itself. 


The Board is continuing to look at the parking situation along Cemetery road.


Wood reported on an issue with Asplundh tree service on Tannery Hill Road.  They were shut down because there were no signs and no work zone was set up


There was an Asplundh project on Peterborough Road, by Fairfield Road, on July 11th.  Wood stated there was not a proper work zone set up with flaggers and the line of site at that location is not good.  When the companies work on any town roads they need to first notify the Police Department.  The Police are the only ones who can determine where a work zone can be set up.  There needs to be proper work zones and flaggers.  At the Peterborough Road site there was a rep from Public Service and one from Asplundh.  The PSNH rep stated he was not going to call around or get in the middle of any departmental issues.


Wood stated not every place needs a Police detail.  He noted  PSNH had a State Trooper working one detail.


The discussion then turned to the cost to Hancock for the Special Details.  Wood is waiting to hear back from some other agencies regarding the fees they charge.  LaPlante stated she was less interested in the other towns and more concerned that Hancock receives sufficient revenue to cover the town's costs.  One specific cost concern was the gas for the cruisers. Wood stated Swanzey had determined that the idling cruiser on a detail uses ½ gallon of gas per hour.  Boland said she feels the Board needs to have an idea of what other towns are charging.


PARKING:  The Board shared the discussions that took place during the walking tour with Boland:

       Parking in front of Hatabs and Fallons will be corrected when Grassett completes the planting of the grass at that end of Main Street, on the north side.

       The Board agreed the rocks in front of the Adams apartments should be removed and the tree that will be replaced may be relocated slightly closer to the road because that is not a good location for additional parking. The grass will also be extended out slightly more.  Grassett will speak with the Adams regarding the rocks.


LEGAL INVOICE:  In reference to an invoice received from Town Counsel, LaPlante suggested Caverly notify him to please contact the Selectboard before taking any calls from former employees.


STATISTICAL UPDATE STATUS:  Caverly reported to the Board she learned that the supervisor handling the town's update is no longer working for Cross Country Appraisal Group.  There will be a meeting here on Friday at 9:30 a.m. with Joanne Tramontozzi of DRA, Norm LeBlond, our general assessor and Jeff Earls of CCAG to discuss the status.




JULY 18, 2011



SPEED BUMP MEETING:  Caverly will ask Grassett to have the numbers available to the Board the week prior to the meeting.


JULY 25THThere will be no meeting on July 25th,  


HATAB FENCE:  LaPlante stated the town will consult with LGC to determine if any action can be taken regarding the condition of the fence.


ADJOURNED:   Boland moved to adjourn at 5:37 p.m.; seconded by Jordan, unanimously approved.


Respectfully submitted,




Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary