JUNE 13, 2011


PRESENT:  Roberta LaPlante-Chair, John Jordan – Selectboard

                      Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary

 ABSENT:   Carolyn Boland

 OTHERS:  Kurtis Grassett-DPW Director; Andrew Wood-Police Chief


LaPlante called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.  Kurt Grassett was then invited to the table for his weekly report.


HIGHWAY:  Grassett reported Gail and Ernie Hoffmann have a snowblower for sale for $500.  Currently, Grassett is using the library's snow blower on the walkways but it is not large enough to handle the work.  Jordan moved to authorize Grassett to purchase the snow blower for $500 and to fund it from the Highway Special Revenue fund.


Grassett briefed the Board on his meeting with B.U.R., All States Asphalt, and Meridian Land Services regarding the asphalt issue.  This is not a town issue.  Grassett stated last Wednesday All States pressed in additional chips to give the liquid asphalt more area to move while it volatizes without creating puddles where people walk in it.  This is not a cure as volitization still needs to take place.  Once that has completed, the damage done by the tracking must be addressed.


Further review of the contract shows the specifications require the contractor to supply proper design for the setting (area).   Performance and workmanship is the responsibility of the contractor and any area in failure within one year because of either of those will be the responsibility of the contractor.

The asphalt failure is not a specification issue because it is an industry known specification.  It will be up to Meridian to determine if the material and application were correct.  Grassett feels it was an over application of the asphalt.  The town did not order All State Asphalt or B.U.R. to do the chip seal after September 1, 2010.


Grassett spoke with our Property-Liability rep at the Local Government Center.  He was advised to send a letter to the General Contractor noting there is an issue.   He will draft a letter to B.U.R. with a copy to Infantine Insurance.


On a separate Main Street some of the new trees are not growing.  The landscaper used by B.U.R. for this project is no longer in business.  B.U.R. will have another landscaper come in.  Grassett will contact either Jonathan Nute, County Forester, or Dan Tremblay of Broad Oak to look at the trees, too.


WEATHERIZATION:  Grassett stated he has heard from Building Efficiency that the Town Office, Grange Hall (Post Office) and the Meetinghouse may have eight inch walls.  He bid on four inch walls.  He would like to use a bubble wrap that is cheaper.  The net increase for that change would be $2,810.  He would suggest pulling the wrapping of pipes and that would drop the cost by $2,169, leaving a $600 to $700 difference.  Grassett would like to take Building Efficiency up on the proposed changes and the town would pick up the cost differential.  The Post Office is scheduled for July 11 followed by the Town Office.


The painters will come after the Post Office weatherization has been done.


Grassett will put the written changes together and bring to the meeting of June 20th.


JUNE 13, 2011



SOLAR TOUR:  Grassett reported a good turnout of interested persons for the solar tour at the Town Barn on Saturday.  He said those who came were ones who really were interested in how the whole process works to the town's benefit.


SHREDDING:  The Dump Committee brought in a commercial shredding company to the Transfer Station site for two hours on Saturday, June 11th.  The report back was that all went well, about 21 people came and it was steady.  They were there for two hours at a cost of $300.  The committee will discuss this and may do it again later in the year.


GENERATORS:  Grassett reported on the first power outage with the new generators.  The Police line didnÕt switch over.  It has been looked and the problem resolved.  The DPW worked fine, as did the Town Office.  The Fire station did not start.  It turned out to be an issue with the carburetor.


Grassett is working with Allen and Mathewson regarding a billing issue for the installation of the generators.  Once that has been reconciled he will know what he will be doing about the tank at the Town Office.


ASPHALT:  Grassett reported on some other asphalt related problems in town with the shim/seal work.  He is questioning whether there was a manufacturing issue with one or more batches.


SWAP SHOP:  Nahida Sherman is willing to place people's items on a swap shop page on the web as long as there is no charge for the item. 


LAKE NUBANUSIT:  Grassett will continue to monitor the trash situation at Lake Nubanusit.  To date is has been very much under control.



HEAT:  Jordan reported the group welcomed new member Hank Huber.


Conservation:  LaPlante reported there was not a quorum so those in attendance did some clean-up and organization.  Jordan asked about the condition of the Old County Road relative to beaver activity.  He noted they may need to breach the dam again.  Permission has been granted for that to be done, by hand, in specified areas.


Historic District:  LaPlante reported they are working on reviewing the ordinance and on developing some Rules of Procedure.


POLICE REPORT:  Chief Wood reported the rally that came through town in the early morning hours of Sunday went well and everyone there was happy with the location (Moose Brook Field parking area).


The Hancock Inn is one of the satellite locations for the Republican debate and CNN has set up there.  Twenty people have received an invitation.   Wood has not received any information but does not anticipate any problems.



JUNE 13, 2011



IDENTIFICATION CARDSLaPlante addressed the ID card issue stating no authority is being removed from Chief Wood.  It is best, in this particular case, to have the Selectboard chair sign the card as the Selectboard is the final hiring authority and the request for the card was not unreasonable.  Chief Wood stated that would have been acceptable when Baldwin was chief but is not now.


The Selectboard unanimously agreed Wood will be supported by them in other major issues.


WEAPONS:  Chief Wood stated all the department personnel have qualified with the new weapons.


ADJOURNED:  Jordan moved to adjourn at 5:15 p.m.  Unanimously approved.


Respectfully submitted,




Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary