JANUARY 31, 2011


PRESENT: John Jordan-Chair, Roberta LaPlante, Carolyn Boland-Selectboard

                  Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary


OTHERS: Joanne Tramontozzi-DRA; Jon Wallace, Sarah Gorman, Kurt Grassett-DPW



Jordan called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. Boland moved the Minutes of January 24th be accepted; seconded by LaPlante, unanimously approved.


RFP REVIEW: Joanne Tramontozzi, Hancock's DRA monitor, met with the Board to assist in reviewing the RFP's received for the general and statistical assessing. She stated she would not participate in recommendations but would help them understand the various components they should look for. She also gave them some guidance regarding what should be included in a contract, i.e. penalty clause if timing is not met, any specific requests by the Selectboard. The Board and Tramontozzi reviewed all four proposals. The Board asked Caverly to schedule a meeting with Norm LeBlond on February 7th.

WALLACE: Jon and Sarah met with the Board regarding the timeline on his property tax issue. They asked for another year because the probate is still open on his dad's estate. They listed the issues facing them currently. Jon told the Selectboard that he gives his permission for Sarah Gorman to speak to the Selectboard on his behalf. Discussion ensued around how they are continuing to clean up the area and the interior of the house. Gorman did note that they are recycling as much material as they can. The Board asked that they have the attorney give them a status report. Payments need to be coordinated with the tax collector. Other specified requests:

       Written proposal with time frame and plan for additional payments

       Attorney report on probate status

       Board was asked to look at the case as a hardship

The Selectboard will hold off on any decision until probate is closed.


SUGARBUSH ROAD: Grassett was in to ask the Selectboard what direction they are looking to go with Sugarbush. Jordan feels Grassett's plan to put it back to gravel should be followed because he has spent a lot of time and research on this. LaPlante and Boland agree.


Grassett stated he should be able to do some preventive work in front of the Govatos residence. He will wait until the snow melts to determine whether he can put a culvert in there.


PSNH will be doing some tree trimming in town this spring on North Road, Carriage Hill, Elmwood, Kimball and Cavender Roads. Grassett would like the work zone policy in place before that work starts.


GENERATORS: K.A. Electric came in at an acceptable rate for doing the generator work.


GRANGE HALL: M&L Painting has taken the required EPA course and testing and will be certified for the painting of the Grange Hall.


WEATHERIZATION: Grassett reported the town may have a delay in the Weatherization. SHPPO does not favor insulating old buildings. He is hoping for a determination on the grant either this week or next.


SPNHF: Grassett noted that the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests (SPNHF) has been posting a Class VI road without town approval.



POLICE REPORT: Chief Wood reported the police station has been re-keyed by A-1 at a cost of $701.


JANUARY 31, 2011


LIAISON REPORTS: LaPlante reported the Historic District Commission met and discussed their planned mailing to any new residents to the District. The material will consist of what is required of anyone living within the Historic District and planning to make modifications to the property. This could lead to potential changes to the ordinance in 201.


Library: LaPlante reported the Trustees plan to have their decision by the end of the week on whom will do the roof repair.


Harris Center: LaPlante reported on the Road classification meeting held at the Harris Center and sponsored by the Monadnock Conservancy.

Old Home Day: The 2010 committee wrapped up at a final meeting. There is currently no new committee. LaPlante had suggested to Monica Laskey-Rigrod, outgoing chair, that she send some information to Nahida Sherman for the website and an article to Hancock Happenings in hopes of inspiring some interest for the 2011 committee.


Recreation: LaPlante asked how the other two Board members feel about having a beer tent at the Winter Frolic. They do not feel it is an appropriate venue.


SAC: Jordan reported there was not a quorum so no voting took place. They did discuss the effect of the SAU budget on Hancock's tax rate.


WARRANT: The Selectboard decided to remove the recreation revolving fund from this year's warrant and leave the Special Revenue Funds in place for another year. There were too many factors still to be resolved in manner of funding and goals for the fund.


ENCUMBERED: The Selectboard agreed to encumber $350 of police funds that were originally paid for a Taser course to be held in 2010 but the course has been postponed to 2011.


ADJOURNED: Boland moved to adjourn at 6:04 p.m., seconded by LaPlante, unanimously approved.


Respectfully submitted,




Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary