JANUARY 10, 2011


PRESENT: John Jordan-Chair, Roberta LaPlante, Carolyn Boland-Selectboard

                  Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary


OTHERS: Kurtis Grassett-DPW Director; Gail Hoffmann-Bookkeeper, Lois Haskins-

                  Town Treasurer


Jordan called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. LaPlante moved to accept the Minutes of December 27, 2010, seconded by Boland.


LaPlante moved to accept the Minutes of January 3, 2011, seconded by Boland.


LIAISONS: Hazard Mitigation: Jordan reported the committee reviewed the final draft version and made a few modifications which will be put into the final version being done with the assistance of Southwest Region Planning Commission.


HEAT: Jordan reported they reviewed the RFP for weatherization. They will be participating in Button Up NH in Antrim on January 12th. Jordan also noted HEAT would like to do a carbon challenge this year which would take the $100 they have budgeted for 2011, leaving them no funds for anything else. The Board agreed to increase their budget line to $200.


SAU: Jordan stated nothing was handed out regarding the teacher contracts. He will attend the meeting on January 11th.


BUDGET FINALIZATION: The Selectboard reviewed the handouts that will be given out at the public meeting tonight.


HIGHWAY: Grassett gave the Board a copy of what he plans to use as a handout during his road reconstruction presentation tonight.


Grassett brought in the numbers he has received for "turnkey" for the road reconstruction of Prospect Hill, Juniper Circle, Ledge Road and turning Sugarbush back to gravel. If needed, the Town could do the culvert replacements and return Sugarbush to gravel which would lower the price.


The next step will be to have a discussion with the residents of Sugarbush Road between now and setting of the actual dollar amount. If Sugarbush Road does not become part of this project, any work on the road will be put off for a few years.


FINANCIAL REPORT: Haskins handed out a preliminary year-to-date report. She made note of the difference between the interest rate in Peoples' United and the PDIP, for 2010.



JANUARY 10, 2011



She also reminded the Selectboard that it is recommended the Board put a cover letter with the posting of the audit. Hoffmann suggested finding out what questions were raised last year and determine if they have been addressed, i.e. reconciliation of accounts and an investment policy, both of which have been done. Monthly reconciliations of all funds are being done. It should also be noted that the fund balance has improved and none of it was used on the 2010 tax rate. Other issues such as the various GASB reporting were discussed noting what has been done and what is line to be done over the next year or two; i.e. a Code of Ethics, Fraud, Disaster Recovery, policy for disbursements and receipts.


The Selectboard offered their appreciation for all the work Lois and Gail have done for the town this past year.


NON PUBLIC: At 5:27 p.m. LaPlante moved to go into non public under RSA 91-A:3, ll(c) to discuss an issue which, if discussed in public, would affect adversely the reputation of the person involved. Seconded by Boland; roll call vote: Jordan-aye, LaPlante-aye, Boland-aye.


Upon coming out of non public at 5:40 p.m. Boland moved to seal the Minutes; LaPlante seconded; unanimously approved.


Jordan announced the meeting would be recessed until 7:00 p.m.


PUBLIC MEETING: At 7:00 p.m. Jordan opened the public meeting. He then proceeded to review the Expense and Revenue sheets noting the increase in health insurance; the fact the Police Department is now back up to full staff and will be conducting more training; the Fire Department has more training needs; the Highway Block Grant is a "pass-through" item being shown equally on the revenue and expense sides; that Hancock Happenings expense line has been removed from the Recreation budget and now has its own line.


Hunt Dowse questioned whether raises would be given this year. Jordan replied there would be a step increase while noting the employees would also be contributing 5% to their health insurance starting in July.


Rich LeFebvre questioned if the increase in the Town's share of the Police Retirement accounts for some of the increase in employee benefits – yes it does. Marsha Kono questioned whether towns are trying to reach their respective Legislators to get some control of these increases. Pat Payne questioned whether we can still could on the Rooms and Rental. There has been no report, to date, of that being taken away.




JANUARY 10, 2011



Other issues addressed were the responsibility of the Hancock Budget Advisory Committee; comparison of 2010 budget to 2011; what are the actuals for 2010 (not yet available); the fact the valuations are not increasing as much as in the past. A final question raised was the proposed statistical revaluation versus a full revaluation.


Jordan then moved on to Grassett's presentation of his proposed road reconstruction.


Grassett explained his handouts and proposed replacement schedule. He noted he will be meeting with the residents of Sugarbush Road soon. Some of the questions raised following the presentation were the cost for the five-year plan, how long it is anticipated to take to complete the project (1 year to complete; five years to pay for it). Tom Ward noted the roads in the Prospect Hill area are in very poor condition. LeFebvre noted the potential liability issues if they aren't repaired. Ben Billings questioned what the road specifications are for town roads. Grassett stated there are no specs for the old roads, only for the new roads.


Review of the remaining warrant articles then continued. Don Klug questioned whether the church is also planning g to work on raising funds for the Meetinghouse. They are and grants are being sought but in order to receive one the town must show there is a plan in place.


Other warrant article questions/concerns: questioned whether $5,000 is sufficient for the Bridge Capital Reserve; what is the fall back plan if the painting and repair of the Grange Hall should fail. Further investigation will take place into the establishment of a recreation revolving fund.


GRANGE HALL THEATER CURTAIN: Boland moved to authorize John Hayes and Howard Mansfield to remove the theater curtain form the upstairs of the Grange Hall and secure it at the Archive Room; seconded by LaPlante; unanimously approved.


ADJOURNED: The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary


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