Hancock Recreation Committee

Minutes of Meeting of 9/21/2011


Those present:

Jeffrey Wilder (chair)

Charlie Kerwin

Kary Shumway

Dan Harper

Cindy Hixson

Roberta LaPlante (selectboard)

Jeff called the meeting to order at 6:35


1. Roberta reported on status of the Kindergarten Enrichment Program.

The Hancock Rec. Committee will be the sponsors of the program with the Grapevine in Antrim overseeing the daily operation. Other than sponsorship, the committee will have no responsibility.  It was then agreed that the parents of participating children should sign a release form similar to the form used for the summer rec. program. Roberta to follow up with Barb to get forms to the appropriate people.

2. Summer Rec. Program: Cindy reported that there were 64 sign ups for summer rec.  Generally no problems.

Requests for next year:

Treat poison ivy early. It was a real problem.

Grass needs to be mowed on a more regular schedule.

A better fence needs to be put up between the multi purpose court and the Toby property.

A small storage shed would be very handy for storing equipment. Cindy hauls equipment either back and forth from home or from the storage shed at the bandstand. (Jeff will look into costs).

A tent is not necessary.


Trips to the pond went well on hot days. The group walked to the pond on Wednesdays and other days when the weather was hot.

Cindy suggested that the lifeguards should park somewhere other than the parking lot to free up more parking spaces. All felt this was a good idea and had been done in the past.

The rec. program will probably need to be completely re-staffed next year as it is doubtful that any of the current counselors will return.

Discussion continued on staffing of both rec. program and swimming program.

It was agreed that the group would accept applications for all positions through out the year and review as necessary. 

Roberta reported that a couple of parents were unhappy about the ice cream trucks regular visits.  Further discussion on this before next season.

3. Kary reported on the Old Home Day basketball tournament that was sponsored by the rec. committee.

Four adult teams participated and the event went well.

The baseball team also sponsored a "fast pitch" contest where participants could have their pitches clocked on radar. This was fairly well attended.

There are virtually no spectators as no other events take place in the area.

Conversation opened discussing the HRC getting together with the OHD to discuss more communication and planning of events between the two groups. 

There was discussion of other events that could be held at the HES field area and that the rec. group could work with the OHD group to organize and promote.

5. Pond:

Jeff and Charlie mentioned that the decking on the dock should be replaced.

Charlie said he and other volunteers would be able to do the work if the materials were provided.  Jeff will figure out costs. Money for material could come from the rec. fund or could be included in this year's budget.

It was agreed to get another section of swim floats to string between the two sections of dock and add what we have now to the existing to make the swim area larger.

Discussed weeds and if they can be removed. Weeds can be removed if it is done by hand.

The group had a short discussion on whether to keep the current rec, tennis, and baseball special revenue funds as is or look into different options again. It was agreed that the funds should stay as is. 

6. The tennis court and multi purpose court should be checked to see if any kind of sealing or maintenance is required.  Jeff will follow up.

They're being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:55


Respectfully submitted:

Jeffrey Wilder