Minutes of the Hancock Planning Board Meeting

October 5th, 2011


Members present:   Tom Bates, Carolyn Boland, Steve Froling, Roberta Nylander, Mark Stevens, and Linda Coughlan, Recording Secretary


7:00 P.M. – Froling called the meeting to order. The minutes of the September 7th meeting were approved as written. Froling referenced items of correspondence that had come in, one of which was the September issue of Town and City for anyone interested in reading it.


2012 Budget -

 Froling brought up the 2012 Planning Board budget for discussion. He said the budget for 2011 had allocated $100 for registry fees, $350 for advertising, $150 for postage and $350 for miscellaneous expenses which covers registration fees for attending conferences etc. Froling said he had checked surrounding town reports to see how their planning budgets compared to Hancock's. He passed out a sheet that listed the budget totals of four towns and noted that Hancock's budget was considerably lower than those four towns.


After discussion, Bates moved that the board keep the 2012 budget the same as it had been for 2011. Stevens seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously in favor of the motion.


The board decided to order three Land Use Planning Books from SWRP.


Boland brought up the change that had been made for not requiring a building permit for certain buildings 200 square feet or under. She said she would like to have the board reconsider this. The building inspector has said there has been some confusion with some residents on whether they still need to meet setbacks even if though a building permit wasn't required. Since there are no other changes this year to the zoning ordinance and any changes require a hearing and a ballot vote, the consensus of the board was not to make a change this year.  Instead Froling said he would write up a reminder of the requirements for the Hancock Happenings.


Froling mentioned the bill he had discussed at the June meeting regarding involuntary lot mergers. He said that anyone who had lots merged involuntarily could now petition the Town to put the lots back to what they were prior to the merger. Froling said it was up to the Select Board to publish a notice informing people of this option. He noted there was a time frame for when the notice had to be published and one for when the residents had to come forward with their request.


Boland said the back office has become really cluttered and since she is off next week, she asked if anyone would mind if she came in to clean it up. There were no objections from the other members.


There being no other business, the meeting adjourned at 7:35 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,


Linda Coughlan,

Recording Secretary