Minutes of the Hancock Planning Board Meeting

June 15th, 2011


Members present:   Carolyn Boland, Steve Froling, Dan LaPlante, Roberta Nylander,  Ellena Weston-Zimmerman and Linda Coughlan, Recording Secretary


Others Attending: Jonathan Gibson, Alison Rossiter, Marcia Neuhardt, David Drasba and Andy Peterson


7:00 P.M. – Froling called the meeting to order.


Gibson Preliminary Conference -

The first appointment on the agenda had not shown up so Froling asked Jon Gibson to come forward for his consultation.


Gibson began by stating he and his wife Camille are under contract to buy the Sweeney property at 14 Main Street which is on Tax Map U04, Lot 66. He said they own a pewter/fiber arts business in Hillsborough Center. Gibson said the business had been started by his father in the Hillsborough building that is jointly owned with his siblings. He said he and his wife have been looking for a new situation and are proposing to live and work at 14 Main Street. Gibson said they would like to renovate the barn as a workshop but would initially have a small showroom in the front parlor of the house until construction on the workshop was completed. The footprint of the barn would remain the same. He said he is aware that the property is in the Historic District and noted that his current business in Hillsborough is also in the Historic District and he is chair of that commission. Gibson said parking would not be a problem since the driveway is adequate and a large part of his business is done on the internet. He said if there was no sign at his present business, you wouldn't know that the business existed. Gibson said he has a hearing date of June 22nd with the Zoning Board but also wanted to meet with the Planning Board for their input. He added that the sale was pending ZBA approval for the Home Based Business.


Froling said there were several routes that could be taken under the Zoning Regulations. He said there was Home Occupation if there was no sign for the business. Gibson said he would have a sign so he had applied for a Home-Based Business.  Froling said he would also need to meet with the Historic Commission for permission if they were to make any external changes that were not like repairs. He said if his application for a Home-Based Business were denied by the Zoning Board, Gibson could file for a variance which would also require a ZBA hearing.


Other Business:

The Board went on to unanimously approve the minutes of the May 18th meeting.


Froling said at the OEP Spring conference he and Boland had attended on June 11th, three bills had come up for discussion that had been passed recently by the Legislature and House and were awaiting approval by the Governor.


One was a new provision in Work Force Housing that would permit a requirement that long term covenants be recorded to ensure work force housing remains "affordable" within the meaning of the statute.


The second bill concerned involuntary lot mergers that had taken place in 1990.  Froling said anyone who had lots merged at that time would now be able to petition the Town to put the lots back to how they were before the mergers. He added that it would be up to the Select Board to publish a notice informing people that they could petition to do this and to handle any applications which resulted. Boland said at that time letters (copies of which still exist) had been sent to the residents involved stating the lots would be merged unless the town heard back by a certain date. She said the lots had generally been substandard, small, and odd shaped lots. 


The third bill required that notification be sent to the DES Dam Bureau of any subdivision or site review plat that was within 500 feet of the bank of any lake, pond, river or stream. The consensus of the board was that notice should be sent to the bureau of any plat that they received at the same time as notices of hearing are sent to abutters and others.


Dave Drasba stopped by regarding Jon Gibson's consultation. Froling noted that Gibson had already met at 7:00 with the Board. He briefly reviewed what had been discussed with Gibson noting the ZBA hearing taking place on the 22nd.  Drasba said his concern was the size of the sign that might be displayed. Froling said that would be part of what was discussed at the ZBA hearing.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:30 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,


Linda Coughlan,

Recording Secretary