OHD Minutes 8/17/2011


Present: Dan Harper, Bob Fogg, Melissa Hetrick, Siobhan Martin, Barb Ellis, Kristen Bernier, Roberta LaPlante



Melissa along with Kristen and Barb will work on this Fri morning. We discussed handicap parking and an area for the antique cars.



It was decided that rather than assign prizes to the winners, we would call the winning float to the OHD table and they could pick out their prize.


Children's Games:

All set – Barb will coordinate from 1:15-2:15


Pony rides:

Good to go, Melissa will provide helmets


Fishing Derby:

Cancelled, but if someone show's up, we'll have a mini fishing derby.


Contra Dance:

All set with Steve Zakon-Anderson, only loose en will be the location of the dance and that will depend on the weather.

Siobhan and Kirsten will set up lights inside the tent. Soibhan will also make sure the sound system is set up for Charlie Ingalls and an extension cord will be available from the town office.


Temple Band:

Mild concern about them not getting back to Roberta. Hopefully they will show up.


OHD Table:

We set up a schedule for covering the OHD to sell t-shirts, hats, mugs and provide information to the OHD attendees.


The Grounds:

We walked the common area to get an idea of the location of vendors, parking, etc.


OHD Brochure:

We reviewed the brochure – it looks great and very informative – thank you Siobhan.


Respectfully submitted,

Dan Harper