Minutes of the Old Home Day Committee Meeting
April 11, 2011

Members Present: Kristen Bernier, Barb Ellis, Bob Fogg, Dan Harper, Siobhan Martin,
                               Nahida Sherman, Webmaster, Roberta LaPlante for the Selectboard

Welcome and Introductions: The meeting was called to order at 6:10 p.m. by Roberta LaPlante. She welcomed and thanked all present for volunteering for the 2011 Old Home Day Committee.

Monica Laskey-Rigrod: Monica was present to give some guidance to the new committee. She turned over all the OHD books and also had a green ODH banner. She made herself available to any questions the committee may have in the future. Roberta LaPlante thanked her and the entire 2010 OHD Committee for their outstanding effort and volunteerism.

Nahida Sherman: Nahida Sherman, the town's webmaster, was present to offer any help and assistance with posting information to the OHD committee's page on the town's official website. She encouraged the committee to send information to her as soon as possible and then she will post all new activities and news.

Elections: The committee voted unanimously to appoint Kristen Bernier, Chair of the committee and Bob Fogg, Treasurer. It was agreed the position of Secretary would rotate at each meeting.

Theme: The committee briefly discussed possibilities for a theme. The members would continue to think of ideas and bring them to the next OHD committee meeting. Bob Fogg said he would ask Jan Caskey if she would consider serving as Grand Marshal of the parade.

Budget: It was stated that there was a budget of $5,000.00.

RSA 91-A: LaPlante made committee members aware of the Right to Know Law and asked all committee members to adhere to its provisions.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be April 25, in the Daniels Room at 6:00pm.

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