Minutes:  July 12, 2011



Members Present:                  David Drasba, Chair, Tim Lord, Glenda Lewis,
and Deb Sampson, Alternates: Ruth Wilder (acting as voting member for this meeting), Dennis Rossiter,
Roberta LaPlante for the Selectboard,  Roberta Nylander for the Planning Board.


Other Attendees:                    Jarvis Coffin III, Gary Voss, Jarvis  Coffin Jr.,  Bobbie Coffin,
Steve Fillebrown


7:00 PM Chair Drasba called the meeting to order.


MINUTES OF 6/28/11 & 6/7/11: In the 6/28/11 minutes, the paragraph relating to the Hancock Inn should now read:  The first order of business was an informal/advisory appearance by Jarvis Coffin III, Marcia Coffin, and Gary Voss/contractor regarding a prospective application for alterations and improvements to The John Hancock Inn. Thereafter, the minutes for 6/7/11, upon motion by Drasba and seconded by Lord were accepted. Also, the paragraph relating to acceptance of the minutes of the June 7, 2011 meeting should be corrected to read June 7, 2011 not June 28, 2011.


HANCOCK INNGary Voss/Contractor and Jarvis Coffin III came before the HHDC to formally present plans for alterations to the John Hancock Inn, as follows:


  Installation of solid copper chimney cap on top of the right-side chimney as
      viewed from Main Street. Cap will cover the entire top of the chimney and will
      overhang 4½" on all sides.

  Adjacent to the Inn's exterior east wall: Install fence to conceal new; stand-by
       emergency 30 KW generator, refrigeration compressor, and kitchen make-up air unit.

  Replace two new kitchen exhaust fans through the east wall, also located within the
       new fence.

Gary Voss, speaking on behalf of his client, Coffin Ventures LLC (dba Hancock Inn), provided photos and data sheets for the chimney cap and measured/scale drawings and photos for the work area adjacent to the Inn's east wall and explained the need for equipment to be located there and a fence to surround the equipment.  According to Voss, an 8' fence will be built of pressure-treated lattice wood, painted, or stained in a color to approximate the body color of the Hancock Inn in order to shield the equipment from view.

Hancock Historic District Commission

Meeting Minutes:  July 12, 2011



The placement of the equipment met set-back standards and the overall enclosure will have sidewalls extending 11 from the building; will be 21 in length, have a gate on the north side of the enclosure and there will be an 8 vertical exhaust stack for the 30 KW stand-by generator.


As the applicant(s) were presenting two separate applications: 1) Chimney and

2) East wall equipment area, Chair Drasba combined the two applications into one application.  Thereupon Lord motioned, and Wilder seconded, to approve the combined applications and accompanying documents, drawings and photos.  The members present voted unanimously to approve the application in its entirety.


HHDC RULES OF PROCEDURE & DISTRICT OVERLAY ORDINANCE:  LaPlante provided a copy of the Hancock Planning Board "Rules of Procedure" as a basis for HHDC to formulate its own rules of procedure with HHDC specific clauses but guided using the PB procedures as a basis.  Drasba will review the document provided by LaPlante and discuss at the forthcoming HHDC monthly meeting. After which the "District Overlay Ordinance" re-codification will be adapted - thus coordinating the HHDC rules of procedure and district overly ordinance documents together and in accordance with the town's PB "Rules of Procedure".


15 MAIN STREET:  LaPlante updated the HHDC on activities related to the fence at the Hatab residence stating that the NH/LGC (NH Local Government Center) will be consulted on remedial measures, if any, available to the town to rectify the condition of the fence. LaPlante will provide a future update to the HHDC.


ADJOURN:  Upon motion made by Nylander and seconded by Sampson, the members present voted unanimously to adjourn at 7:40 PM.