March 22, 2011

Members Present:  Chair Drasba,  Roberta LaPlante, Glenda Lewis, Timothy Lord,

                    Roberta Nylander, Ruth Wilder

Also Attending: Nancy Adams, Cush Moore, Sarah Sandback

            Chair introduced Timothy Lord, a resident of the Historic District, as the new member of the HHDC, replacing Nancy Gamble.

            The meeting began at 7:00 PM. The February 14, 2011 minutes were read and discussed.  They were approved with the following amendment to be included after paragraph #4:   The Sandbacks indicated that they wished to make some other changes to their property including the installation of new energy efficient French doors at the back of their house. Consensus was that the HHDC would schedule a meeting to review an application for that project when it was received by the chair.

            Nancy D. Adams and builder Cush Moore came forward to discuss Ms. Adams application to make renovations to the outside of her property at 30 Main Street (Hancock Market).  Ms. Adams plans to include an apartment on the second floor of the building. They proposed an access door for the apartment be located at the north end of the west side of the center section of the building.  It will be colonial style similar to the F7132 Simpson model attached to the application.  After discussion, Roberta LaPlante made a motion: To accept the location of the door as sketched in the applicant's plan.  Color will match front door of building if siding remains the same as present.  Color will match paint if siding is painted to match front of the building.  Fiberglass is acceptable.  Builder will check final choice of model with Chair Drasba before installation.   The motion was seconded and APPROVED by unanimous vote.

            Next there was discussion of a landing and stairs for the previously discussed access door.  It is proposed that the stairs from the landing would lead south south, parallel to the building, with a handrail and steps.   After discussion, Dave Drasba made a motion:     To approve the new wood landing adjacent to the door as proposed in the application.  It will include a 3 foot to 4 foot square landing, 4 to 5 wooden steps, and would be painted to match the adjacent siding.  Corner posts will be approximately 4 by 4 in size with 2 by 2 balustrades and a wood hand rail.  The motion was seconded and APPROVED by unanimous vote.

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            Then there was discussion of the proposal to install two skylights on the west side of the front section of the building.  Ms. Adams explained that there had been an apartment on the second floor during the 1950s and 1960s.  That apartment had skylights that were later removed.   

Mr. Moore said that he could install skylights of approximately the same size (22 inches wide by 3 feet long) in approximately the same location.    In discussion it was noted that in recent years skylights have not been approved when they would be visible from inside the district, but have been approved on occasions when they were not visible.    Ms. Adams asked if the skylights could be approved on the basis that they had once been in the same location and were therefore "grandfathered".  There was further discussion as to whether a feature, once removed, was "grandfathered" and could be re-installed if it did not meet current standards and practices.  After further discussion, Timothy Lord moved that:  HHDC approve the application as submitted.   The motion was seconded and defeated:  2 ayes, 4 nays.

            Discussion continued about possible options for proceeding.  Other sources of light for the apartment were considered, including possible skylights on the east side of the building where they would not be visible.   Chair located views of the building for examination. After lengthy discussion about the application and procedure, including whether the defeat of Mr. Lord's motion to approve was a denial of the application, Ruth Wilder made a motion to deny the applicant's proposal to install skylights on the west side of the building based on impact on the character of the Historic District and conspicuous view from the public right of way. After discussion, Wilder amended the motion to:  Deny the applicant's  proposal to install skylights on the west side of the building based on impact on the character of the Historic District, conspicuous view from the right of way, and consistency with previous decisions of HHDC The motion was seconded and the vote to DENY was:  4 ayes 2 nays.

            Ms. Adams asked what her options were.  Chair replied that she could amend her application changing the location of the skylights, appeal the decision to the ZBA, or submit a new application at a future date.  Ms. Adams decided to consider the matter further before taking action.

            HHDC considered the final proposal of the application:  to replace shingles on three sections of the roof.  After discussion,  Dave Drasba made a motion that: HHDC approve  new, black, architectural shingles for the west side of the north section of the building  and the east and west side of the south section building.  The shingles will match those existing on the west side of the center section of the building.   The motion was seconded and APPROVED by a unanimous vote. 

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            Sarah Sandback came forward to discuss her application for renovations at 3 School Street.  Chair Drasba appointed Roberta LaPlante Acting Chair as the Sandbacks are clients of his architectural firm.

            Mrs. Sandback and Mr. Drasba presented a written plan and diagrams to illuminate the application.  Proposals include the following:

1.      Windows:  replace existing windows with Anderson "Woodwright" double-hung windows, 4 on the east elevation,  2 on the south elevation.  These will match windows already approved for the house.

2.     Doors: Install a set of French doors (Frenchwood" by Anderson) and matching sidelights on the back (east) side of the house.  Construction of the doors and mullions is similar to that of Woodwright windows. Trim and color of doors and windows will match existing trim and color.

3.     Roof:  extend the slope of existing roof on east side of house to improve run-off and install a triangular shaped wood louver at the top of the south end wall.

4.     Sunroom:  Remove damaged sliding glass and aluminum doors from the south end of the two story portion of the house, making an open porch.  Repair or reconstruction of the corner columns will be simple box columns, wood with wood trim and base, painted white.  A lattice wood grill will be installed on the west side of the porch for privacy.       

                        After discussion, a motion was made and seconded to : Approve the application as submitted for 3 School Street.   The motion to APPROVE was carried by unanimous vote.

            The Chair resumed his position.  Other business discussed included the distribution of handouts by Chair and a plan to schedule regular sessions to explore possible changes and improvements to the wording of the application and the ordinance. 

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Roberta D. Nylander, Secretary HHDC

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