Town of Hancock, New Hampshire, 03449

Hancock Energy AdvisoryTeam

Minutes of Meeting, Town Offices, October 13, 2011


Present:  Al Daniels, Tom Faber, John Hayes, Phil Jones

Absent:   Nancy Gamble, Kurt Grassett, Hank Huber, John Jordan, Amy Sulborski


The meeting convened at 7:00 PM upstairs and John Hayes was welcomed as a new member.


Minutes of Meeting, September 8, 2011 were corrected to reflect "the 45th meeting of HEAT."


Phil outlined this year's initiatives:  (A.)  Educational programs beginning with an exposition of pellet stove technology to occur at the Harris Center,  (B.) Assistance to home owners in the form of (1) micro loans for weatherization and (2) solar hot water collectors, and (C.) Direct purchase, "greening", and resale of foreclosed houses.


Educational Program – Tom will coordinated with Amy Sulborski and the Harris Center


Micro Loans – tabled until Kurt Grassett returns


Solar Hot Water installations – John Hayes and Phil Jones discussed the new regional solar hot water installation team being formed, a cooperative effort by fifteen Monadnock area towns, to replicated the seven year achievements of PAREI (Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative with 206 installations  2005-2011).  The organizational meeting of the Monadnock group occurred on Oct 10, 2011 in Marlborough. The group watched a CD depicting a PAREI team installing solar hot water system and formed a steering committee to plan the next steps.  Those present contributed the $150 needed the Monadnock group to become an official member of PAREI, entitling the Mondanock group to training and tech assistance by PAREI.  Hancock is invited to participate in the regional steering committee but no HEAT member has been designated to date.


Direct Purchase, etc.  Phil has received advice suggesting that banks may be the best short term source of support for this initiative, and accordingly will follow up three referrals.  The longer term source of support may be the tax credit program, applications for which are due in April 2012. 


New Heat Budget:  Phil reported that Barbara Caverly has inserted a HEAT Budget Line in the town budget for $150 for 2012.


New Meeting times:  The next meeting will take place one week later than traditionally:  3rd Thurs, Nov 17, 2011  @ 7:00PM  HEAT will consider a permanent change next month.


Phil reported that  Joel and Holly Muhlenbacher and  Emily Daniels have been invited to joint HEAT. 


There being no further business, the committee adjourned at 7:55 PM


Respectfully, Phil Jones,  Facilitator & Secretary pro temp                                          ###