July 15, 2011

Dump Committee Meeting


Present: Jarvis Coffin, George Salazar, Clay Sherman, Mark Monkton, Jarvis Coffin, Kurt Grassett, John Jordan


Meeting began at 5:00 PM


Minutes of previous meeting were accepted as written.


A discussion about the document shredding that was held on June 11 was discussed. Everyone felt it went well but would like to see more attendance to make it more cost effective. The company was excellent to work with and everyone enjoyed It was felt that this item may be worthwhile 2 times per year. There did not seem to be any issues with individuals bringing too many boxes at once.


Issues with furniture and other non-allowed items at the swap shop were discussed. Kurt will be working on a way to have a "virtual" swap shop on the web for those items that we cannot accept, but might have a use for other people. He will work with the swap shop volunteers and the webmaster.


Jarvis asked if the bamboo could be cut along 137 as you are leaving the dump road. It is blocking the view for the lower sitting cars.


Meeting adjourned at 5:45 PM