Hancock, New Hampshire Dump Committee Meeting Minutes, March 16, 2011, 5:00 PM.


Present: Kurt Grassett, Clay Sherman, Mark Monkton, Denny Caldwell, John Jordan.

Mark advises that Doc-U-Shred has presented a proposal to perform paper shredding at the rate of $150.00 per hour on site. There will be no charge for the company's travel from Swanzey; the town of Hancock keeps the paper for recycling; If we desire, they will also leave secure collection boxes at no charge for patrons to deposit documents that will be shredded at a later date.

To assist in planning a trial shredding day, the committee would like to know how long it would take for Doc-U-Shred to shred a banker's box full of paper documents.  The committee agrees to consider a trial run one day in June or July for a period of 2 to 4 hours, limiting quantity to two banker's boxes per person per visit, at no charge to patrons on this trial. Kurt recommends a two-hour trial period.

Hourly cost of shredding may be offset in part by a possible decrease in compacted trash weight (and therefore decreased associated expenses) and a possible increase in revenue resulting from a greater amount of (shredded) recycled paper. Cost savings from other aspects of dump operations may also help offset the expenses of the initial shredding service.

The dump committee column in the April, 2011 "Hancock Happenings" should note that Saturday hours will be extended to 5:00 PM beginning April 2, 2011; an initial "heads up" that bulk paper shredding will be given a trial run in June or July; and the 2011 schedule for hazardous waste collection days in Keene.

Kurt advised that the dump committee needs at least one new member, as Dorothy Hird has resigned from the Dump Committee, and Pierce Rigrod's status as a committee member is unknown.

John advises that there is interest from some residents of the town of Sharon in partnering with the Town of Hancock to serve Sharon's recycling and trash disposal needs in a more economical way than they are currently experiencing. About 100 households in Sharon annually pay Peterborough about $26,000 for self-serve trash and recycling services ($260/year/household), while it is estimated that each Hancock household pays about $120 annually for recycling and trash disposal services. The committee will consider the matter further if there are more definitive inquiries from Sharon.

The meeting ended at 5:35 PM.



Dennis R. Caldwell, Dump Committee member