Hancock, New Hampshire Dump Committee Meeting Minutes, January 19, 2011, 5:00 PM.


Present: Kurt Grassett, George Salazar, Clay Sherman, Mark Monkton, Denny Caldwell, John Jordan.

The draft of the 2010 Dump Committee Report was reviewed. Tonnage totals for the year, both for recycling and the compactor, were down from 2009.

Suggestions from residents that attended the public meeting in November, 2010 continue to be evaluated and in some cases (such as hours of operation and separate swap shop parking) have been implemented.

A significant discrepancy amounting to about two dumpster loads in income vs. expense of the demolition dumpster has been noted. It is not clear at this point why, although some of the difference may be due to large amounts of roadside pickup.

Floor mats have been purchased for use of personnel at the recycling windows, and a white board has been installed that will be used to convey timely information to users.

Consideration is being given to moving the existing dump information sign located near the entry gate to a location farther down the straight stretch of the dump access road.

Mark has researched document shredding as an additional service to residents, and has discussed possible solutions with Buzzy Francis of Absolute Data Destruction. Mark will continue to seek additional operational information from them regarding what options they may offer in order to best meet the document shredding needs of Hancock residents, and what such services might cost.

The meeting ended about 5:45 PM.



Dennis R. Caldwell, Dump Committee member