July 5, 2011



Meeting Location:                  Hancock Town Hall

Meeting Called to Order:      7:05 pm

Members Attending:             Liz Hanson, Doug Payne,  Eric Masterson

Alternates Attending:            none

Hancock Select Board:           Roberta LaPlante

Others Attending:                  David Westaway, David Robinson, Alison Rossiter




Minutes of May 3rd. 2011 accepted as read.


Eric introduced representatives of the Nubanusit Lake Host Program, David Robinson and Alison Rossiter, who were requesting a donation from The Conservation Commission to help defray the costs of hiring "Lake Hosts" to inspect boats and trailers for Milfoil and other invasives at the Nubanusit landing.

The program has a total budget of $4200.00 – receives $2400.00 from a grant and funds from the Nelson Cons. Comm.   A motion was made to donate $500.00 pending research of regulations

governing the Cons. Comm. funds.


An offer  from Hunt Dowse to mow the Camp Guild property was gratefully accepted.


Monitoring report- Prospect Hill needs better boundary markers.

                                    Kempner meadow boardwalk needs attention


Saturday July 9th. Work Detail – cleanup Camp Guild property and Kempner Meadow.

Anyone interested should meet at the Town Hall at 8:45 am.


Old Home Day:   August 21, 2011, the commission will conduct a workshop on invasive species.

Location TBD – Sunday 10:00 am – Noon.


Jim Orr has agreed to meet with the Commission regarding Prospect Hill Trail. It was agreed that

We should wait until fall.



Doug will check to see if the Rec. Dept. wants the pile of wood from the Walcott Forest to use for the Winter  Frolic.



Future Projects discussed:


  Look for Intern to update the Natural Resources  Inventory– Rhine property needs to be added.


  Map the Kulish, Merrill & Welch trails.


  Joint Meeting with the Rec. Dept.


  Make Bluebird houses with school children this winter.


  Walcott Forest – Sign, boardwalk and trail marker maintenance.


Annual Projects:


Trails/Class six road monitoring

   Jaquith Rd. West of Old Dublin Road

   Old Antrim Willard Pond Rd. to Depot Road

   Verney Pie off High Street

   Antrim Rd. to Brimstone Corner Road

   North Spur from Antrim Rd. to Greg Lake

   Kings Highway Rte 137 to Vatcher Road      

   Jaquith Rd. Rte 137 to Vatcher Road

   School house from North Rd. to Bennington

   Off High St. –High St. to Antrim

   Kings Highway from Landing Rd. to town line

   Welch Farm to Clark Farm Rd.

   Knight Farm to Bennington Rd.

   Fairfield Rd. off Duncan Rd.

   Fairfield Rd. off Old Hancock Rd.

   Orchard Rd. from Duncan Rd.

   Mitchell Hill Cavendar Rd. To Peterborough

   Robinson near Elmwood Junction

   Whitmore Cadot Trail off Old Dublin Rd.


Update Natural Resources Inventory


NEW  BUSINESS:             

Next meeting August 2nd. At the Town Hall.

Work Detail July 9th.



Meeting Adjourned:     8:38 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Liz Hanson

Hancock Conservation Commission