Cemetery Trustee Meeting

Tuesday December 6, 2011


Present: Jarvis Coffin, John Hayes, Sandy Weston, Kurt Grassett (sexton)


Meeting came to order at 2:30 PM


Bids for the design work on Hillside cemetery were opened and read aloud:


Meridian Land Services $26,200


BSC Group $17,500


Holden Engineering $9264.00


Fieldstone Land Consultants $3720.00


The Chair noted that BSC group did not present the required number of copies, nor was their proposal all inclusive.


The Chair noted that Meridian had included construction engineering and when that was backed out they were under $20,000.


All trustees decided to take the lowest 2 proposals and review them over the next week.


Kurt presented a request to turn a lot back to the cemetery trust from Mr. and Mrs. Sweeney (lot 348 in Norway Plain). The board approved the request and Kurt will complete the necessary paperwork.


The Board will meet again early next week at the DPW office to continue the review of the design proposals.


Meeting concluded at 3:30 PM


Respectfully submitted

Kurtis Grassett