Trustees of Trust Funds Minutes

January 14th, 2010


Members present: Dowse, Carlson, and Huntington


Chair Dowse called the meeting to order at 9 A.M.


The minutes of the July 30 meeting were approved as mailed.


Voted: To confirm approval of the following year end transactions related to the Cemetery Trustees:


1. The withdrawal of $300 from income of the Cemetery Maintenance Fund to refund the purchase price of Hillside Lot 227 plot C and D for which the deed has been surrendered.


2. The withdrawal of $2,575 from the Perpetual Care Fund and $2,447.43 from the Cemetery Maintenance Fund to cover 2009 expenses.


The following year end receipts were recorded:


1. Fireworks Fund $623.47.


2. Cemetery Maintenance Fund $3,600 from sale of lots.


Voted: to approve the following 2010 requests from the Hancock School:


1. $1,410 for the N.H.D.I. residency February 15 – 19.


2. $950 for the June field trip.


3. Approximately $1,000 for a one day Author Day with Marty Kelley – date to be confirmed.


Dowse will do our report for the Town Report.


We have solicitations from Cambridge Trust Company and Citizens Bank to manage our Funds. We should have them in, and possibly New Hampshire Trust Co. to show we are alert to the market.


Meeting adjourned at 9:30 AM.



J.E. Carlson, Secretary