DECEMBER 6, 2010


PRESENT: John Jordan-Chair, Roberta LaPlante, Carolyn Boland-Selectboard

                  Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary


OTHERS: Dan Paro, Kurtis Grassett-DPW Director


Jordan called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. Jordan then called for a vote on the Minutes. LaPlante moved to accept the Minutes of November 29th, seconded by Boland, unanimously approved.


Dan Paro came forward to meet with the Selectboard regarding the bill he received for a timber harvest. He explained he had some trees removed but did not receive any income from them. The Selectboard explained that a tax is due when a timber harvest is completed. The logger sold the timber to one or more mills and the Board feels the tax is due on that harvest. Paro stated he will speak with the logger.


LIAISONS: Conval Budget Meeting: Jordan reported

  • There is a .42% increase in the upcoming budget
  • 21.5 positions will be eliminated
  • There is a 3% merit raise for administration scheduled
  • No decision yet on outsourcing the cafeteria, for a savings of $200,000
  • Several previously delayed projects have been added in
  • Coming forth long term is the potential move of the 5th and 6th grades back to local schools


MOSAIC PARCEL MAP PROJECT: The Selectboard voted unanimously in favor of this project to share our assessment and tax map data base for a state wide project for the benefit of the whole state in many aspects.


HIGHWAY REPORT: Grassett inquired into the status of the step increases because he would like to bring his crew on board to show them how it will affect them, individually.


The Selectboard took this opportunity to verbally confirm there will be a step increase given this year. Each employee will also be contributing 5% toward their health insurance.


Grassett showed the Selectboard the format he will use for his report to each employee which shows that even though the step increase amounts to 3% and the health insurance contribution 5%, they will still see an increase in their take-home pay. His report also shows the value of the benefits they receive from the Town.


DUMP HOURS: Everyone is prepared to start at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 8th. Dave Anderson has an article coming out in the LedgerTranscript.


DECEMBER 6, 2010



Grassett gave the Board a proposal for the Read File showing a bare bones schedule for running the dump on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. This schedule would bring the cost up $300 per year. This will be presented to the employees and the Dump Committee for their input. Grassett will ask Cathy to have the crew draft a schedule and give it to him. Additional burn pile hours would also give time for the crew to maintain the area.


SOLAR PV: Grassett stated the vendor who will be supplying Scarponi Electric was seeking assurance he will receive his payment. This would be addressed between the vendor and Scarponi and is not part of the contract. One option would be to have the checks issued in the names of both Scarponi and the vendor. This would not change the payment plan, it would only ensure that Scarponi endorses the check and then returns it to the town for forwarding on to the vendor.


NON PUBLIC: At 4:45 p.m. Boland moved to go into non public session under RSA 91-A:II (e) to discuss a legal matter; seconded by LaPlante; vote: Jordan-aye, LaPlante-aye; Boland-aye.


Upon coming out of non-public at 5:00 p.m. Boland moved to seal the Minutes; seconded by LaPlante; unanimous voice vote of approval.


PARKING: LaPlante brought up the new "No Parking Here to Corner" sign by the Historical Building. She questioned exactly which strip of road it covers and it was noted it goes from the fountain to School Street. Grassett stated that when spring comes, the area around the Common will be addressed by landscaping. It is anticipated this action will help curtail the illegal parking in that area.


HALEY'S VEHICLES: The Board asked Caverly to have Chief Wood check on the status of the cars at Haley's Service Station.


ASSESSOR: The Selectboard has not made any decision on a firm to handle the new construction and processing of building permits to date.


ADJOURNED: Boland moved to adjourn at 5:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary


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