AUGUST 23, 2010


AUGUST 23, 2010

PRESENT: John Jordan-Chair, Carolyn Boland – Selectboard
Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary
ABSENT: Roberta LaPlante
OTHERS: Kurt Grassett-DPW Director

Jordan called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Boland moved to accept the Minutes of August 16th as presented; Jordan seconded; unanimously approved.

LIAISON REPORTS: Planning Board: Boland reported the cell tower reps met with the Planning Board to discuss the remaining issues to be resolved to complete the application. Charlie Stevenson was scheduled to check on the wetlands issue. He determined the setup Mathewson currently has for runoff is sufficient; the radio emissions are well within tolerance. The hearing will be continued to September 15th. The requested waivers for the driveway met with the approval of Kurt and Nevan Cassidy as long as the building remains unmanned. There are motion sensor lights inside the fenced area.

Dump: Jordan asked Grassett to report on the Dump Committee meeting. Discussion is continuing on the facility, in total. The committee is working toward an October public meeting to tell the residents what the committee has in mind and to ask the residents what they would like to see long term.

The contract with Monadnock Disposal for the compactor ends in December. Grassett will be talking with them regarding pricing for a new contract. They have held the price for the past three years and have been very responsive to varying needs of the town – great customer service.

Elementary School Study Committee: Jordan reported they will be discussion budgets, costs and potential use by other groups. They will also be considered as a community resource.

Common Commission: Grassett reported on behalf of Boland who was unable to attend the meeting. They met with Pat Fairchild to discuss the Women’s Club’s contribution to the flowers and who pays for what. The Club would like to consider plantings in the new outcroppings along Main Street. They noted the number of signs that are now showing up on the fountain area by the Historical Society. The Police will be asked to remove any signs they see being hung up.

HIGHWAY REPORT: Grassett stated Jerry Gagne, Jim Edward and Jesse St. Pierre met and it was determined BUR plans to finish the shoulders and do some loaming on Tuesday, Aug. 24th.

There is a size problem with the cobbles; there are some 3x3x3 mixed in with the 4x4x4. The final decision on what they want will go back to the Village Planning Committee.


  • Installation issue with cobbles
  • Grassett feels the cobbles already put down need to be redone
  • They can do an island a day until they are completed
  • Plan to start with polymer on Wednesday
  • BUR wants to hydro seed at the same time
  • Grassett and Gagne want to see the cobbles done first
  • Striping will be marked out by Jerry and the state on Tuesday, Aug. 24th
  • At Fiddleheads and the Market they have to blend in to the flower beds
  • Curbing at the flower gardens in front of Fiddleheads will be paid by Meridian
  • There is another chip seal to have approved by VPC

Grassett reported he obtained an estimate of $1,000 to fix the sprinkler system at the Inn. He would like to move forward with that company. Robert Short is amenable with just going with the replacement of what was there and not doing a redesign.

Jim Marshall from NHDOT’s Federal Compliance section will be down to look at the issues remaining.

In other DPW business, DES will be coming down to inspect the underground storage tank at the Town Office. Grassett will bring the report back to the Selectboard. He stated there are one or two potential test issues. There is a drop tube that may need to be installed; may need to remove a piece to complete a leak detection test.

Target New England’s Jim Dougherty, will be in toward the end of the month to start work on the Meetinghouse.

The Meetinghouse Committee will be meeting with LCHIP on Aug. 26th.

The Mack has been in the garage for work on all the mechanical parts at a cost of $10,000 to $14,000. Once Grassett knows just what the cost will be he will decide what to do about the dump body. The dump body is deteriorating. Mack has gone through the main structure and that is okay so Grassett is planning to put the money into the dump body.

A roller will be rented to do the shim work. Grassett needs to purchase a trailer and has determined that he will be able to do that in Tilton. The drag box is completed and is running.

The highway crew put down pavepak on Tombstone Territory and worked some of the problem areas out on the drag box. The material was paid one half by the Library and one half by the town.

Divers were in to clean the intake at Juggernaut. Usage has dropped to under one thousand gallons a day now. Grassett said people are beginning to become more aware of watering during the dry spell.

The crew working on Jaquith Road has dredged up a lot of muck that will be hauled out of there. Grassett was asked if he wanted any but said it would not be cost effective or effective use of time to take it and then have to mix in other material. It will be hauled out of the area.

Grassett said he would like to take a long weekend over Labor Day or the next one. The Selectboard approved of his plan.

Margot Swanson has given her notice as custodian for the Town Office and Police Station. Grassett will be working on a proposal for a replacement.

RHINES DEED: The Selectboard reviewed the unsigned deed sent over by Bob Taft. Caverly will contact them to obtain a signed copy for registering with the Hillsborough County Registry of Deeds.

2011 BUDGET: Caverly presented drafts of the budget letter, schedule and budget sheets. It was decided that the budget line item sheets should show columns for the 2010 budget and the proposed 2011 budget only.

The Board approved the letter, schedule and budget sheets, as modified. Caverly noted that the time line has been moved back to start earlier this fall in order to allow for completion of the initial budget work before the holiday season.

ADJOURNED: Boland moved to adjourn at 8:00 p.m.; seconded by Jordan; so approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Caverly
Recording Secretary


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